Tuesday, December 29, 2015

*My* Top 10 Crazy Films of 2015

As a Year of actually doing Films made and released in the year I'm in (a first!), I decided to do my own Top 10 List.

This is still a List for Mondo Bizarro, so don't expect to see the normal stuff.  In addition, I'm only including Films given a full or Quick Review.

These Films qualify and are ranked if they fit two Categories...

1. Release in 2015
2. Gave me some craziness.

10. We Are Still Here: It was only a little crazy, so it is this low (or high...shut up).  This Film involves a nice couple, an old house and some black (as in burned) ghosts.  The climax is all sorts of crazy, especially in contrast to how dry and deliberate everything else is.

9. Ant-Man: While I really liked Avengers: Age of Ultron, this one featured more unexpected craziness.  The Film was quite fun and played with its small stuff gimmick quite well.  The sight gags are great, so this one makes the list.
8. Tale of Tales: Salma Hayek eats a giant monster's heart to get pregnant.  This speaks for itself.

7. Deathgasm: It is called Deathgasm.  It lives up to the name.  Say no more.

6. It Follows: It creeps me out is what it does!  This Low-Budget Horror Film shined with its crazy visuals, even if its Monster is pretty inept.  With a creature that can appear as any person, it continually keeps you on your toes.  All of this is what makes it so unique.

5. The Final Girls: A good Horror-Comedy that plays by its own rules- great.  This one features some loving Satire, unique Sight Gags and all-around fun stuff.  For example, the way they play with the Flashback Scene.  Good, crazy stuff.
4. Zombieworld: Jesus fights Zombies.  A mute Giant fights Aqua Zombies.  This mediocre Anthology Film is bookended by 2 crazy Shorts by the same Directors.  They should make more.

3. Dude Bro Party Massacre: Light on actual content, but chock full of crazy.  This one was funded in part by Kickstarter and you can kind of tell.  It is just a big bag of crazy that is all over the place.  If you like that kind of stuff, it works for you.  While I found it to be eventually be a bit taxing, I can't deny the insanity of it all.

2. Turbo Kid: Good for you, Canada!  This riff on the Mad Max-style Genre is quite fun and crazy.  A BMX-based Superhero.  Exploding Heads!  A Robot Girl!  That Dude From the 3rd Season of Seaquest DSV That Most People Think Was a Letdown!  With all of the hype, this one delivered big time.  The only thing that can top it...
1. Mad Max- Fury Road: Good for you, Mr. Miller.  After a couple of Decades away, George Miller made a great Mad Max Sequel and filled it with crazy moments.  Even better, each moment is thought out and appears to have its own backstory to explain it.  This is world-building done right...and crazy.  For giving us a guy who's only job is to play an Electric Guitar while strapped to a car, this one wins!
More Top Tens to come!

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