Thursday, August 27, 2015

Millennial Trash: Insecticidal

This is the kind of shit I'm used to.  Today's Film is Insecticidal, a 2005 Direct-to-Video Horror Film.  Guess what it is about.  I bet you figured it out.  The Film is about giant(ish) killer insects that attack a bunch of coeds in a Dormitory.  There's not much more to it.  Notable Cast includes a lady who was uncredited in Flight 93 (an A&E Film, not United 93), a lady who Guest-Starred on Blade: The Series, a guy who was a one-time Jobber (guy paid just to lose) on WCW Thunder and a lady who now writes CMT Star Specials.  Hmm...that didn't work.  Let's try someone behind the Camera.  The Writer also wrote Alien Incursion and wrote Additional Dialogue for both Ghost in a Teeny Bikini AND Bikini Girls From The Lost Planet.  He also wrote the 2008 Remake of Attack of the Giant Leeches- yea.  The Director has had a more prolific Career...if you watch the Syfy Channel.  He's Directed such 'Classics' as Haunted High, Goblin (not the Band!) and the recent Film Roboshark.  Considering how silly the Science behind these Insects, the Story in Roboshark seems to make more sense.  Is this terrible or just plain dumb?  To find out, read on...
The Film begins In Media Res, which is the last artistic thing in the Film.

Yes, I have used this joke before.  Why not read all of my Reviews to find out which one it was from?
Our heroine- Cami- is experimenting with Insects to prove that they were once larger in the Age of Dinosaurs.  I can't see this going badly.
One of the other girls in her Dormitory sprays all of her (CG) bugs with pesticide, which causes them to become much larger.  No, really.
With a bunch of people over for a party, the body count begins to rise (slowly).

Not to sound bad, but I'm kind of disappointed that the lady on the left is NOT the one who signed the Waiver to be topless in the Film.  -2 Stars.
One of them is infected by one of the bugs (but not killed) and is now a Host for them.  Why?  How?
To make a long Story (only about 85 minutes) short, the remaining group kills the bugs with electricity...but only after the only Asian Character in the Film does Karate.
As a Teaser, they suggest that Bugs always find a way (thanks, Jurassic Park) they walk by what is obviously a bug-human hybrid.  The End?

Yes, The End.
Crap.  Of course, you already knew that.  Is this the good kind or the bad kind? is kind of in the middle.  Thankfully, this is NOT played for laughs, since that usually leads to the least funny outcome.  In this case, they play it pretty straight...even if the Plot should lend itself to some sort of humor.  A Giant Praying Mantis doesn't lead to a joke?  Well, I guess it didn't in Dario Argento's Dracula either.  Let's break it down, shall we?  The Writing- not impressive.  The Direction- not notable.  The Special Effects- bad.  You've seen the Screen Caps right?  Seriously, this CG is just plain awful.  The CG in some Big-Budget Films made over 10 years earlier looks better.  As I've said countless times, I don't fault Low-Budget Films for being Low-Budget.  I will, however, fault them for using their low-budget badly.  This is one of those cases.  The Film is so stupid that it is entertaining at times, but not nearly enough.  It is mostly just kind of bad in a way that isn't funny.  Oh well.  One more bit of crappy CG for the road...
Next up, I finally cover the Film that led to that boring Godzilla Film.  With a much, much smaller Budget, will the Director actually deliver?  Stay tuned...

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