Sunday, August 30, 2015

Twin Piqued: Variations on Relations

Even though it is Sunday, the adventures still continue in...
This week, people plot, people investigate and one man dies!
Important Stuff
- Donna continues to press her Parents on their Ben Horne connection.

- Pete, Harry and Catherine manage to open Eckhardt's Puzzle Box, but aren't sure what is inside.
- Many people sign up for the Miss Twin Peaks Pageant, including Nadine.  Gotta love her!

- In Owl Cave, the gang discovers some weird drawings.  Elsewhere, Windom speaks of the White and Black Lodges.
- In a Comedy Subplot, Dick teaches people how to be a Sommelier.  They did this on Parks & Recreation like 20 years later.

- Teen Witch asks her Mayor Husband to rig the Miss Twin Peaks Pageant, but he refuses.

- Romance blooms between Cooper and Graham, but they are being watched by Windom.  Uh oh.
- In spite of a pep talk from Cooper, Billy Zane leaves Town after getting an unseen message.

- Cooper learns of the Poems delivered from Windom to the ladies of the Town.

- In his biggest move yet, Windom Earle kills Ted Raimi (who hasn't?!?) and delivers him as a message.
The unofficial Title of this Episode speaks on it, but the key Theme here is Love.

- Donna investigates whether it exists between her Mother and Ben.
- Mike and Bobby discuss his romance with Nadine, which the latter doesn't want to know more about!
- Speaking of Bobby, Shelly makes out with Gordon in front of him!
- Lastly, Cooper and Graham seem to be kindred spirits.  Love is beautiful!
Love is doomed, right?
Weird Moment(s)
This one is an easy one- even with a dash of Nadine and an Andy scene- and it it Gordon.

To make this Scene super-silly, he talks normally to Shelly, shouts at everyone and then makes out with Shelly...after explaining what he is doing to Bobby...and going back to it again.  Glorious.
Not alot of forward progress, but still good.  Some of the mystical stuff is a bit cryptic here, but I'm still curious to see where it goes.  The Character Moments are still what keep me hooked though.  Cooper and Graham's relationship seems doomed (given the Show), but you hope that it will survive.  Seeing Ben Horne now fight against Ghostwood and try to redeem himself is interesting.  Gordon Cole is...well, just bizarre fun.  As unclear as his end goal seems, watching Windom Earle work is fun.  Plus, seeing all of the build-up to the Miss Twin Peaks Pageant makes for a fun diversion from all of the scheming and murder.  This is the 'bad part of the Show,' huh?  To each his own, I guess.  Even knowing what I know, I'm going to keep with this one to see how the whole thing plays out.  Since her run on the Show appears to be fully over, let's see what the future held for Josie...
Next week, the plans of many continue to move to a head.  Will someone Cooper knows die next?  See you then...

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