Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Indie Flix: Blood Moon (2014)

I suppose I should watch and review this one eventually.  Today's Film is Blood Moon, a Screener Link sent to me awhile back.  For a couple reasons, I've been slower about updating the site.  Let's try to fix this with something that isn't actually out until next Month!  This 2014 Western/Horror Film tells the tale of a Skinwalker, something previously-covered in a Film called Skinwalkers that nobody actually saw..,but five people insist is underrated.  Dunno- haven't seen it.  It was also done in Werewolf, a Film most famous for being mocked by MST3K.  On the flip-side, we've had one notable Werewolf-Western: Ginger Snaps: The Beginning.  This Film is not keeping good company, but let's still give it a chance.  A pair of parallel Plots brings a small group of people to one Town and into fang-range of a Skinwalker.  Who will live and who will die?  I won't SPOIL it, but let me at least give you a taste before the VOD Release in September...
Out in the Old West, a mysterious killer is on the loose.

Just to get this out of the way: the Screener Version has a nice, big Watermark.  I get it..even if it is distracting.  You won't have that issue.
A local Sheriff recruits his Indian pal to help him track down some Bank Robbers, but she warns him of dangers out where they are going.

Will her visions prove to be prophetic?
The Bank Robbers hold up for awhile, proving to be their own threat.  Eventually, the other threat reveals itself...
Trapped in town with a Skinwalker, our heroes face a pretty desperate situation.  Are they doomed?
You know the drill by now- no SPOILERS.  See the Movie when it comes out later.  The End.
I've seen better- or at least more entertaining.  Right off the bat, the Film is shot well, staged well and looks nice.  None of the Acting is bad.  The majority of it is good to decent, so that is no issue.  The big issue: the Pacing.  There's not much Werewolf action here and they really make you wait for it.  There is a balance between 'Show the Monster at the beginning' in Syfy Channel Film and the way this one works.  It is no Howling V, granted.  The balance was just off for me.  It is a Western Film first and foremost.  If that is more your thing, this will be much less of an issue for you.  All in all, this has good moments, good Acting and a good enough Story.  The balance of how the two Story Elements work will be what makes or breaks it for you.  As for me, I have seen so much worse so this middle-of-the-road experience is nothing...
Next up, I go as far from doing a new Film as possible.  I'm jumping back 100 years to review something rare for reasons that only make sense to me.  Stay tuned...

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