Friday, August 14, 2015

Immediate Response: Ant-Man

Yes, I'm late to the 'party' on this one.  Even so, it is still in Theaters and I just saw it, so let me give you may take on Marvel's latest Film...
The Good
* Paul Rudd really nails the Character and his interaction with all of the Cast is great.
* The Visual Effects are top-notch and they make great use of the Shrinking visual.
* While the Plot is serious, the Film is lightened by key moments of humor.
* Marvel continues to do some great world-building.  Take note, DC/Warner Bros!
* Kudos for explaining why they don't just call The Avengers.  Take note, future Captain America Films.
* That bit with Falcon (thanks, SPOILER Trailers!) was quite fun.
* It takes a good Film to make you care about an Ant with a pun name.  Kudos!

The Bad
 No major complaints here, so I guess I have to be a bit nitpicky...
* There are some major Iron Man vibes going on, making me wonder what changed between the 2 Scripts.
* You're gonna make us wait for Wasp.  You tease!

I'm sure that some will debate whether this is just Fun Style over Substance.  Either way, I liked it!
Here's the Phase 3!  You've got a high bar to hurdle.

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