Saturday, August 1, 2015

Twin Piqued: Slaves and Masters

It is late, but it is still Saturday in the Town of...
This week, big plans are made by movers and shakers.  How will this affect the Town?
Important Stuff
- Cooper's friend and comrade (Miguel Ferrer) arrives to tell them what he learned from the Earle crime scene.  He also compliments on his new fashion for living in Twin Peaks.
- Joselyn is plotted against by Catherine, who plans to trade/sell her to David Warner.

- Nadine walks in on Ed in bed with Norma, but says that it is cool...since she wants to be with Mike.

- In spite of seeming to be done last week, the Donna/James/Evelyn Story seems to end for real as the devious pair frame James...but then she shoots her fake brother during a struggle.  Alright.
 - The Horne Family helps Ben 'win the Civil War' and he awakens from his insanity (since it works that way).  Hurray?

- Evidence points to Josie as the person who shot Cooper last Season!

- Windom Earle seems to be in control as he sets up a scheme controlling Leo.  He sneaks into the Hotel and sets up a message for Cooper.
Creepy dude that Windom Earle...
The big Theme here is Control.  For examples...

- Cooper tries to take control in his battle with Earle.
- Ben Horne's friends and family try to help him regain control of his mind.
- Catherine and Eckhardt barter for control of Josie.
- Donna and James fight for control of the situation they are in.
- Windom Earle controls Leo to get what he wants done.
The biggest one: Nadine's power play to take control of her new, crazy life.  You go, girl!
Weird Moment(s)
While Miguel Ferrer's impersonation of David Lynch's character (I miss him!) was funny, the big winner is the Horne Clan.  They re-enact the end of the Civil War with Bobby and the Doctor.  Weird!
Some weird and dark stuff this week.  I know that some people don't like this Show after the famous Murder was solved, but I'm not one of them.  This Episode keeps all of the big Plots moving forward in a good way, while wrapping up others.  Ben Horne is no longer crazy (well, less so).  Donna and James seem to finally be free.  Nadine is now free to go with Mike, while Ed and Norma hook up.  In the big Stories, Windom Earle continues to be manipulative, freaky and clever.  Can Cooper and company stop him?  What truths about Josie, Eckhart and Catherine will we learn next?  This one was definitely darker than previous Episodes, but that makes it stand out.  Despite what some people say about the later Episodes of this Show, I'm still on board.  Keeping the Director trend going, guess which Actress Directed this one...
Next week, will we see what Windom Earle is up to?  Will more murder come to this Town?  See you then...

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