Monday, August 24, 2015

Twin Piqued: On The Wings of Love

It is...well, Monday as a new day closes in the famous Town of...
This week, evidence is uncovered, romance is in the air and a familiar (and loud) face is back in Town...
Important Moments
- Harry is awakened by a mysterious woman who then tries to kill him, which he stops.  Her motivation- unclear.

- Windom Earle leave a bug-laden Bonsai Tree in Truman's Office to get some intel.

- Gordon (David Lynch) is back in Town to reinstate Cooper and...hit on Shelly Johnson.  More on that later...
- James tells Donna that he's in San Francisco and going to Mexico.  Okay.

- Donna learns that there is a lurid past between her Mother and Ben Horne, which her Dad denies.

- Windom Earle plans his next move- after running into Audrey in disguise- and is based around the Miss Twin Peaks Contest...
- Audrey plans to make a romantic play with Billy Zane, but ends up getting sent out of Town by her Dad at the wrong moment.

- Cooper takes the gang spelunking into Owl Cave and they find a mysterious rock near the cave marking matches the marks on Log Lady and Colonel Stargate.
-  Cooper makes a play for Heather Graham, who is in Town fresh out of a Convent.  She seems to feel the same way.
- In on last tease, Windom Earle sets something in motion in the Owl Cave...
Since I'm doing this on a special day, I might as well do a special Theme Choice.  I choose...

Love Makes You Do Crazy Things
- Cooper is so smitten with Graham that he tells a corny joke.
- The unspoken love between Mrs. Hayward and Ben Horne is revealed.
- Windom Earle makes crazy plans to get 'his Queen.'
- Gordon falls for Shelly Johnson when his hearing somehow works only for her (more on that later)

Can you blame Cooper here?
Weird Moment(s)
In Second Place, we have Deputy Andy practicing his the Police Station.
Our Winner- Gordon Cole.  He earns it this week by...

- Annoying a hungover Truman with his 'shouting.'
- Nearly making Windom Earle deaf by inadvertently shouting into his hidden mic.
- Being instantly smitten by Shelly Johnson and not using his 'indoor voice.'
- Somehow being able to hear what she says fine, while still having to shout at Log Lady.

This is just even better in 2015 when I can't help but hear him as 'Gus' from The Cleveland Show!
Even on a different night, this Show is still good.  For being 'the bad part of the Show,' I still like it alot.  Everyone plays their parts well, be them big or small.  Cooper and Windom Earle plot big things, while Log Lady and Nadine sneak some small moments in.  Speaking of Earle, his mysterious Plot continues to keep me wondering, while ability to disguise himself amuses me.  They really should send out fliers of what he looks like by now!  The Characters on the Show continue to evolve, be it Ben Horne finding his good side or Cooper falling in love.  I still don't know where all of this is going, but I can't wait to find out.  Keeping the Director focus going, here is the Film that this Episode's Director made after working on the Show...
Next week, Windom Earle continues to scheme for the future.  Can a reinstated Cooper stop him before it is too late?  See you then...

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