Saturday, August 8, 2015

Twin Piqued: The Condemned Woman

As the Sun sets fully, so begins another day in...
It is the Josie Show this Week as her dangling Plot Threads come careening to a halt this Episode...
Important Moments 
- Nadine and Ed formally break up, while Norma dumps Hank for good as his bid to plea down with evidence of another crime fails.

- The Horne Family is joined by an old friend (Billy Zane!) who is going to help fix the business.  He also has a thing for Audrey.
- Josie is confronted with the evidence against her- which grows throughout the Episode- and is given until the end of the day to turn herself in.  Harry isn't happy.
- The James/Donna Story ends for now as the latter returns to Twin Peaks.  Later, she, Shelly and Audrey meet up for what seems to be Windom Earle's trap.  He wants one of them (at least!)

- Josie meets up with Eckhardt at the Hotel (after her Husband tells her to), only to later kill him.  She is confronted by Cooper and Truman...but dies suddenly!
- All of a sudden, Cooper sees Killer BOB laughing in the spotlight, followed by the Backwards-Speaking Man dancing on the bed.  The final shot...will be discussed later.
The two big Themes are Family and Betrayal.

The whole Episode revolves around the restoration of the Horne Family, Catherine and Andrew Packard & Josie's family issues with them and Eckhardt.  You even get to see Andrew and Pete interacting in a way that contradicts his 'holier than thou' persona.
Weird Moment(s)
With only a cameo from Nadine, the real moment goes to the End.  Josie dies dramatically, Evil BOB appears, the Dwarf dances and then Josie's face appears in a door knob.  Huh?  It transforms into a weird CG face...and the Show ends.  Pardon?
That Ending makes up for alot.  Don't get me wrong- the Episode is still good overall.  Aside from a few random moments of other Plots, this is all about Josie.  She hasn't had this much attention all Season!  I don't dislike her Story- how could I if it features David Warner?-, but it isn't as big of a draw for me.  Like the James/Evelyn/Donna thing, it is a bit melodramatic for me.  On top of that, she kept dropping in and out of the Show.  That aside, I like the moments with Eckhardt, Catherine and Pete.  It was nice to see a bunch of Andrew as well, as he's a pretty new Character.  You get to see him posture, act natural and just generally act pompous.  He's just fun.  It is weird after the last 2 weeks to see Windom Earle and Leo so little.  We'll see how much they do next week.  This kind of reminds me of how they built up and finished off the 'Who Killed Laura Palmer?' Storyline this Season.  In this case, it is not as big of a Story- not that anything is.  Regardless, this does set up some interesting events to take place as the Season/Series builds up to the End.  Will it be worth all of this in the End- I don't know.  In the meantime, let's rock out...
Next up, what is Windom's big move?  In the wake of what just happened, can the group handle it?  See you then...

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