Saturday, August 15, 2015

Twin Piqued: Wounds & Scars

The morning Sun rises this Saturday just as it closes in everyone's favorite Town of...
This week, the Sub-Plots fight back for attention as Windom Earle plays dress-up and Truman gets emo...
Important Stuff
- Cooper meets with Log Lady and Stargate Commander to discuss some mysterious symbols.  What proof will they find in the Cave?

- The Doc helps Nadine & Ed talk about getting divorced, which the former doesn't quite get.
- A woman working for Eckhardt leaves a mysterious Box with Catherine.

- Sparks fly between Billy Zane and Audrey, leading to the 2 kissing at the End.

- Nadine's Sister comes to Town and it's...Heather Graham!  Too bad this isn't one of those places with the Servers on Roller Skates...
- Norma convinces her other Employee to try out for the upcoming Miss Twin Peaks Pageant.

- Windom Earle keeps an eye on two of his targets in disguise (more on that later), while the third (Audrey) is busy running a Fashion Show run by her Father to stop the Ghostwood Development.  It ends in a runaway Weasel!

- Truman takes Josie's death (and the truths about her past) very hard.  A mysterious woman places a gun by his bed and then climbs into bed with him.  Huh?
We've got a recurring Theme here- The Past.
- Truman can't accept Josie's dark past and somewhat snaps.
- Ben Horne's opposition to Ghostwood now stands in stark contrast to it being his project.
- Ed and Norma seem to make a big move to become a couple for the first time in Decades.
- Earle continues to target the people of Twin Peaks b/c of Cooper.
- Hell, they brought back 'Squiggy,' who we haven't seen since he was selling stuff for comatose Leo.
- Audrey and Zane reunite and fall for each other.
Weird Moment(s)
Nadine's run continues to be over as Andy takes First 'Prize' for his performance in Ben Horne's Fashion Show.  That's too much plaid!
Coming in at a strong Second is Windom Earle's pair of silly (but apparently effective) disguises.
A bit more back to form this Week.  Not that last Week's one was bad, but the hyper-focus on Josie was a bit distracting.  This time, everything is about how it should be.  Windom Earle is sneaking, Cooper is investigating and everything else is just crazy.  The Sub-Plots this week were fun and kind of interesting.  Seeing Ben Horne act so different is neat, while Audrey seems to be rebounding from Cooper pretty well.  There's also none of that To Die For stuff with James, which is appreciated.  Seeing Earle make some moves is neat as his endgame is still not clear.  Speaking of Endgame, his disguises remind me of Kurt Angle's from that titular Film.  His are slightly more convincing, of course.  The White Lodge stuff is on slow-burn, but I can tell that it will be answered more clearly soon.  With more of what works best and less of what doesn't, this one is a good rebound from last Week's one.  Speaking of rebounds, the one-time Series Director would go on to make a Film in the following year (1992) that would be remembered as much as the Show itself...
Next week, what secrets will we discover next about this crazy Town?  Will they save the Pine Weasel?  See you then...

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