Sunday, August 2, 2015

Quick Reviews: Ex Machina

After hearing everyone muse about how great this one is, I kind of had to see it.  Let's see this Sci-Fi Tale lives up to my expectations...
A young man is brought to the middle of nowhere to meet with a reclusive Billionaire for some mysterious reason.
The man- future Apocalypse Oscar Isaac- explains that he is there to do a Turing Test.  For what?
For this Robot, of course.  He wants our Hero to test his latest creation to see if it has true Artificial Intelligence and was a success.
As times goes on, he starts to feel for the Robot as it display intelligence.  Does it go both ways?
Is our Hero up to the task of trying to free her?  Is it even possible?
Is Isaac to smart for any of his plans to work anyways?  What will happen?  To find out, watch the Film.
Wow, this one did not disappoint.  One of the reasons that I don't flock right to the newest, most popular Films sometimes is because of one thing: expectations.  When something is 'so good' and 'must-see,' it is set up to be something great.  When I go into a Film expecting that, it has to be good or it is a disappointment.  Do you want Films to be disappointments?  Of course not.  In contrast, when I go into Films completely blind, it is a complete surprise if it is great.  Well, this one is pretty damn good.  The Story is good.  It flows at a good pace and builds nicely to a crescendo.  The Acting is good.  It is interesting to see a Film like this with really one four Actors having major parts (three if you don't count the one, mostly-silent Character).  The real highlight here is the Special F/X work.  There is never a point where the Robot Effects look unconvincing.  They are quite surreal, but very convincing.  The Film would be good with so-so Effects, but it is certainly better without anything to distract you.  This Film doesn't cheat, doesn't lag and doesn't disappoint.  The only thing this is missing is a Dance Break.  Oh right...
Really nice work, guys.  Good stuff all around.  Go see it already.

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