Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Quick Reviews: It Follows (2015)

Alright, Internet- you win.  Is this Film good or just another Film that isn't as good as promised...
A young lady runs from an unseen peril and drives to the Beach.  She dies...mysteriously.
Later, our Heroine dates a guy who is really nice, but acts a bit strange.  On a later date, they finally have sex and then something strange happens.
He tells her that she is now going to be tracked and stalked by a mysterious creature.  It won't stop.  It will always follow...
The mysterious creature takes on many forms, but only appears to her.  Can she escape?
Will anyone ever believe her?  What has to happen to present proof of her admittedly strange story?
The creature continues to lurk.  Can she pass on the curse?  Will that be enough?
Will her friends be able to help her escape and/or kill the creature?
If not, the creature will eventually catch her and kill her.  What happens?  To find out, watch the Film.
A good, but odd surprise.  Given all the online hype surrounding the Film, I was suspicious.  Was it really that good or was everyone just 'jumping on the bandwagon?'  Honestly, I thought that this was really good.  It had the surreal aspect, the moody music and the odd effects that I would expect in a modern-day Lucio Fulci Film.  The whole idea of this kind of feels like something out of an Italian Horror Film.  What it does differently is underplay some Scenes to accent the crazy parts.  I didn't necessarily care all that much about the Supporting Cast, but they weren't a distraction either.  Seeing a Supporting Cast in a Horror Film not designed to want you to see them die is a refreshing change of pace though.  The key thing here is the bizarre visuals.  They never quite explain, well, any of them, but they are good enough to excuse.  All in all, a good Film that does something different.  I'm not sure what it all amounts to...but it is what it is.  Speaking of which, that girl is good at Yoga!
I'd have liked a bit more info on what was actually happening, but that doesn't take many points away from the Film as a whole for me.  A good surprise.


  1. See? Some movies are really as great as everyone says... ;)

  2. I liked it, particularly for the ways it avoided my expectations... and for conjuring up a universe without cell phones and the internet but little clamshells with enigmatic statements, like a magic 8 ball that actually knows what's going on, but still refuses to help you.