Saturday, April 4, 2015

Twin Piqued: Realization Time

Since it is Saturday, we return to this old mystery from the Town of...
This week, we are nearly to the Season 1 Finale, so all sorts of shit is going to go down...
Important Stuff
- Audrey makes her move on Cooper, but he shuts that down.  That doesn't stop her from scheming her way from working at the Makeup Counter to working at One Eyed Jacks.

- The Teen Detectives look for the missing tape from Laura's sessions with the Doctor.  We know that he has it (Episde 2, I think) and they trick him into leaving, so they can steal it.
- The Mynah Bird has to be coaxed into talking, but does...before Leo shoots it!  It manages to mimic some key phrases from the night of the murder into a Tape Recorder though.
- Some sort of double and/or triple dealing is going on with the Mill.  Who is Jocelyn really working with?
- The Bookhouse Boys go undercover at One Eyed Jacks and meet Jacque...
Scheming and Duplicitous Acts are the name of the game here.  Audrey schemes her way into an interview, lies when she gets there and does the old 'Cherry Stem' trick to get hired.
The Teen Detectives dress up Laura's Cousin as her (since she's the same Actress) to trick the Doctor into leaving.  Meanwhile, someone watches them...and someone watches the person watches them!

Oh and someone puts sugar in their gas tank.
In a lesser way, Cooper is breaking protocol to investigate Jacks (which is outside of Twin Peaks).

Lastly, Leo shoots a bird!  Just...damn, man!!!
Wacky Stuff
While not necessarily the weirdest thing this week (that may be Cooper's Coffee Fetish), seeing this on my Subtitles made me laugh.
Another good Episode all around.  Audrey comes off especially well here...even though she also comes off like a terrible person.  For playing the part so well and just being so bad, she's great.  Make sense?  Everyone here does a good job, whether they have a big part like Cooper or a small one like the Doctor.  The key is that the Show and Mystery still have to seem fresh and accessible after all this time.  Thanks to the presentation, it still does.  You have to not ask obvious questions like 'Why don't they all have Cell Phones,' since this was made in 1990.  The whole thing is sometimes too complicated for most, which is why the show even now has such a niche audience.  While it is definitely complicated and convoluted, it is nice to feel 'on my toes' at all times without cheating.  Everything you need to know is slowly being revealed.  As of this Episode, they are playing fair.  Hopefully that remains true.  At this point, it is pretty clear what all happened, but I just know that something is going to happen.  Aside from the mystery, they do a nice job of putting all sorts of people/actions in place.  What will happen next?  I genuinely don't know.  Although I do now have something to track down...
Next week, we have the Season 1 Finale.  Who will live and who will die?!?  See you then.

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