Saturday, April 25, 2015

Twin Piqued: Coma

As we go on in Season 2, prepare for things to get weirder and weirder in...
This week, weird shit continues to happen as people in Town still reel from that big night...
Important Stuff
- Cooper finds out that his crazy ex-Partner is on the loose.  That is sure to pay off later.

- Leo is alive, but in a Coma.  His unhappy wife and her boyfriend plan to keep him around for the money.
-The other victim is awake, but not talking.  When shown a picture of Bob, she freaks out and possibly tries to say 'train.'  Not good.
- The Horne Brother make plans, while Audrey is up to more trouble at One-Eyed Jacks.

- Finally, Cooper learns for Don S. Davis about messages from Space that say his name (just go with it) and Laura's Cousin has a vision of Bob.  Cooper does as well, seeing an Owl now.  Alright.
With so much going on, it is harder to nail one down.  I could always go with Messages though.  There is a whole part with Log Lady and Don S. Davis leading into the bit with Cooper.  There is also the Horne Brothers locked on what message to deliver with the Log Book they would NOT burn.

In addition, there is the vision of Bob, which must be some sort of message.  Lastly, you have Cooper and Truman trying to get one out of the only living victim from the infamous night.
Weird Moment(s)
This is the last Lynch-Directed Episode for a while, so they squeezed some crazy in.

First and foremost, Cooper's name appearing in random communication from Space!  It may be explained (as much as anything here is) later, but it is still just weird for now.
Secondly, we have more of Lynch's Food Fetish.  This time, it is the younger Horne brother...
This is definitely a strange one.  I will say that there is less overall that happens this time.  This one seems to be about building and building more stuff to come up later.  The stuff like Leo possibly living comatose at home, the message from Space and the idea of Cooper's crazy ex-partner are definitely here for the long-term growth.  Alot of this one is about teasing you.  We don't get any new information about Bob, but we do see him more.  We don't get clear information on what is going on with Joan Chen's Character (who is 0 for 2 this Season so far).  We are told that the other Owner of the Mill is dead, but it is not confirmed.  I can't imagine that they'd write her out that way.  Given how little happens as far as major events goes, some might suggest that it is skippable.  If you did that, you'd miss out on fun stuff like Log Lady meeting Don S. Davis.  Speaking of her, her 'sister' appears in Alan Wake...
Next week, will we get an explanation for the new craziness?  Maybe, maybe not.  See you then...

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