Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sons of Kong?: The White Gorilla (1945)

Oh boy- this one is a doozy!  Today's Film is The White Gorilla, a 1945 Ape Film.  This is not to be confused with White Pongo, which is also a 1945 Ape Film.  Yes, there are (at least) two.  Yes, they are both in this Set.  Yes, they were both made the same year.  Well, sort of.  To help explain this one, I need to tell you who Ray 'Crash' Corrigan is.  Basically, if you have ever seen a Film where a guy is in an Ape Suit (like I have- alot!), it is often him.  He is most known as a Stunt/Suit Performer, but also did Act as well.  He's basically the Old-School version of Doug Jones.  He's the Star here, which should tell you something.  So...there's no sugar-coating this one.  This is a big, ugly mess- terrible Alpha Video Release quality aside.  The Plot involves a man retelling his harrowing Tale...but there's a catch.  Since I'm a giant tease, you are going to have to wait.  Read fast, but don't cheat!  To find out this Film's deep, dark secret, read on...
A man (Corrigan) arrives at a Depot and has a harrowing tale to tell of his survival.  Cut to...
Stock Footage!  Seriously, this one is 80-85% Stock Footage from a Film made by the same Director- in 1927!

They put a Silent Film, added in Audio and mixed it in with barely-good Footage to make this crap.  Can you imagine?!?
For once we agree, Mantan.

In this Film's defense (this one time!), they have some new Footage involving the White Ape.  He doesn't fit in with the others.  Oh and he's also played by Corrigan- double duty for 'Crash!'
Three major problems here...

1) The Footage is obviously of lower-quality (since it is a 1927 Silent Serial Film).
2) The Films were Shot at different Speeds!  As such, they speed up the Silent Film- absurdly-so!
3) Even if you bought this, the people are made-up and act like they're from a Silent Film!
I should also mention that since 'Crash' wasn't in that Silent Serial Film, his role in the 'Story' is to be just outside of the events and explain why he didn't act.  Our so-called-Hero!
The Climax involves the two Apes fighting and one winning.  Do you really care who?  The End.
Even with my low standards by now, this one...dear god!  It is just so bad.  So, so bad.  It makes you yearn for some stock Jungle Peril to watch that is at least the right Film Speed!  Did they really think that this would fool anyone?  Did it?  Would anyone admit to seeing this and NOT figuring out the trick?  It is just awful.  It is also lazy.  It is also insulting.  It is also terrible.  On the plus side, I breezed through this one and barely had to stop.  Could I have watched all 60 minutes?  Yes.  Did I?  No.  It took me five minutes (TOPS) to see that something was weird and use IMDB to explain it.  Just...just damn!  This could make for some mild amusement to real Bad Movie Buffs- provided they know what they are getting.  The Story itself involves a Jungle Boy, a White Ape and some terribly-silly Peril, so there is something there.  Going into this without knowing the truth is a rude awakening.  Watch it if you want- just know what you are getting.  As a bonus, watch the Director not Credit the Original Cast by lumping them together as...
Next up, I prepare to watch The Avengers 2 this weekend by looking at work by the Actors.  First up, let's see 'Hawkeye' straight up kill and rape folks!  Stay tuned...

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