Wednesday, April 29, 2015

TV on the TV: Daredevil (2015)- Part 2

Alright, Internet- I finally finished it!

I kind of didn't want to finish this one, if for no other reason that I won't get another one for awhile.  I did though, so let's take a look at the second half (Episodes 8-13).  I'll try not to SPOIL anything for you late-comers...
I won't cover everything in the remaining Episodes, but I will cover some key points.

Episode 8 gives us the background on Wilson Fisk.  I won't SPOIL it for you.  It is quite something.
Episode 9 has Daredevil fight a Ninja.  Need I say more?
As things escalate, Episode 10 gives us some nice Flashbacks to Matt and Foggy's beginnings.  They love parallel structure here.
The last 3 Episodes feature alot of Action and some surprises, so I'll just give you this only-somewhat-revealing shot of Daredevil preparing to act.  The Finale is great, so don't let me ruin it for you!
A good Show- plain and simple.  Like the first half, they do alot to set-up things and give you the pay-off.  Obviously being the Finale, you get more pay-off here than in the other half.  That's just how Stories work, folks!  They do a great job of taking little things involving Side Characters and letting them pay off in a big way.  I can't think of a dangling Plot Thread that wasn't picked up.  The only thing that seems to be set up a little and goes nowhere is the Love Triangle involving Matt, Karen and Foggy.  It is kind of cliche, so I don't really miss it.  That said, they seem like they were setting up at first, so what's the deal?  Regardless, this is a good- if dark and violent at times- Show that doesn't disappoint.
Oh and for anyone that complains about the Black Suit or the final one, remember this one...
Damn good Show!  Of course, alot of you already know that.

Got Netflix and haven't check it out yet?  Get to it!

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