Saturday, April 11, 2015

Twin Piqued: The Last Evening

It is Saturday and it is judgement day in...
This is 'Oh shit!' Episode of the Series!  This is also the 'Don't you dare cancel us' Episode...
Important Stuff
-Cooper and company find, set-up and arrest Jacques.  He tells them some key information, but they still need Leo.  Unfortunately, he's not around to interrogate later...

-The Teen Detectives bring info about Laura to Cooper, but are set up by someone in the process.

-We learn that Ms. Packard paid to have her husband killed and is now in trouble with the guy who did it.  The same guy also makes the moves on his ex and shoots someone that same night!
-Leo tries to kill his wife and burn the Mill down in one fell swoop.  Both may still work (and take out another in the process), but his third plan of the night ends with a gunshot to the stomach!

-Finally, Cooper gets back to his room and can't process any of the information given to him before he too is shot!  This is a maim/kill Episode!
Taking Action was the name of the game here.  Everyone has had plans over the last several Episodes and most are coming into play now.  Whether it is a shooting (or two), some burning, some maneuvering or even taking a plate full of pills, people were doing this this week!
The question going into next week is how these Actions will play out in the long run...
Weird Moment(s)
This was a very dramatic Episode, so there wasn't much room for humor.

There is the moment where our hapless Deputy finally does something heroic and gets a kiss from his girl after she hears about it.  The mood is broken up, however, as she randomly blurts out that she is pregnant.  Oh.
Damn- this was a busy one!  For being Mark Frost's only Directed Episode, he sure made it worthwhile!  As many (like myself) have noted, this was the Season 1 Finale, so they wanted to make damn sure that ABC renewed the Show.  The solution: put every single major Character in some sort of peril/situation.  Unless they wanted some super-pissed Viewers, the Show would be back for Season 2.  Given that this isn't the final installment of Twin Piqued, it worked!  This is pretty much just 46 minutes of setting up Cliffhangers of varying degrees.  Shot!  Arrested!  Suicide?!?  Shot!  Confronted!  Pregnant!  Dead?!?  Burning!  Shot!  On the plus side, I watch these once a week, so I don't have to spend three months talking to people about what I think will happen next.  I only have to wait a week to find out who shot Mr. Burns...err, half the cast of the Show.  In the meantime, enjoy this music that has no actual connection to the Show...
Next week, the fallout for all of this week's actions.  I can't wait to know this stuff!  See you then...

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