Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Indy Flix: Primer (2004)

Can I get MY time back?  Today's Film is the super-Low-Budget Film Primer from 2004.  Some weird Austrian I know recommended it to me.  Is he crazy?  Well, obviously, yes.  Was he right in this case though? Um...no.  SPOILER ALERT: I did not like this one.  I can *sort of* see why some people like it.  I don't...but good for them.  The Film is about some guys who create Time-Travel by accident and...that's about all I can easily summarize.  It is notable for being made for an alleged $7,000!  If that's true, Netflix probably spent more ordering the Discs to be Produced for Rental than they did on the actual Movie.  This is one of those 'so dense that you need to see it many times' to get it all.  Some of you have.  If that is your prerogative, go ahead.  As for me, I'm just going to Review it and move on with my life...
A group of 4 guys work for Tech Companies by day and are doing a start-up at night.  It is slow going though.
Two of them work on a side project that starts to yield results.

Now just consider that this three Summary wrap-up above accounts for over twenty-minutes of slow, tedious tech talk about their work.  Get it yet?
They seek outside verification for their work, albeit somebody who doesn't know the whole Story.
Things get more interesting when one of the men takes the other near a Storage Facility where they see...him.  Another him, that is.  From the Future?
Now with proof that it works, they talk...and talk about what they will do.  It just involves Stock Trades.  So...exciting?
Intrigue- I guess- arises when there appears to be more going on.  For example, another machine...
...and some odd moments where the Narrator suddenly talks about deception behind the scenes.
What is going on between the two now?  You got me- this one gets hard to make sense of after about 55 minutes or so.
All I can tell you is that they part over...something and one of them appears overseas working on another machine...or something.  The End.
Yeah, sorry, people that like this movie.  All five of you won't like my Review.  I can't say that I'm wrong here, because I'm not.  This Film feels like they wanted to just talk about what they would do, since the Budget wasn't large enough to buy a good, Used Car.  I can understand this to a point.  I get it- you have no money.  It doesn't mean that you have to spend so much damn time just talking about shit and not doing it.  Even when the Plot picks up, it still...really doesn't.  This one is slow, tedious and dull.  I can think of many other great ways that the $7,000 could have been spend.  They could have gotten a 2005 Ford Focus.  Good car, that Focus.  So next time you have almost no money and want to make a pretentious Film about Time Travel, just give me a call and buy my Car!  It has a new CD Deck, so that's something.  Seriously- your money is better spent that way, even if you pull double/triple duty like these folks...
Next up, we jump back again to another Sons of Kong Film.  This time, it is murder, a monkey and Flash Gordon.  Stay tuned...

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