Saturday, April 18, 2015

Twin Piqued: May the Giant Be With You

After last week's super cliffhanger, we return to the deadly Town of...
In this Episode, we see the aftermath of all that chaos and get information for Lurch...
Important Stuff
Like the Pilot, this one is feature-length (over 80 minutes), so there is alot to cover!  Big breath...

- Cooper recuperates (no pun intended) and gets a vision of Lurch from The Addams Family (or he would be soon).  He gets three cryptic clues, one of which he manages to decipher this week.
- The Teen Detectives are split up by the arrest, but the remaining two on the outside keep working.  Meanwhile, the kid that got one of them locked up is getting more brazen.

- Audrey narrowly-escapes unintentional incest at One-Eyed Jacks...for now.  Still stuck though.
- Miguel Ferrer is back (yea!) and the actual Detectives continue to work the case, now with more donuts and evidence.  The key thing: they know that there is a Third Man from the Crime Scene.
 - The injured, but not shot recover...while the poor girl who's been comatose since Episode 1 wakes up to freaky visions/memories of the night of the murder.
That can't be good, right?
The big theme this week is Consequences.  After everything that happened in the Finale, most of this Episode is dealing with what happened.  You also see it clearly with Audrey, who's big plan to get info and get out with Cooper's help was messed up by him being shot and not seeing her note.
There is also the theme of Moving Forward.  Cooper, for example, doesn't even wait to be cleared from bruised ribs (thank you, vest) to work the case again.  The deceitful Horne Brothers are pushing forward with their plan, as are the Teen Detectives.  In a more twisted example, Leland's hair has turned white overnight, but he's moving forward in a very manic manner.  He's way too happy in this one, right?
Weird Moment(s)
This is one of the few ones Co-Written by Lynch and Frost, so it is naturally going to have more than a couple!  Leland singing at breakfast and dinner certainly qualify, but not as much as him dancing with the Horne Brothers in their Office...for some reason.  Gif please...
As insane as that is, nothing tops The World's Worst Room Service.  This guy seems a bleeding Cooper on the floor of his room and...hangs up the phone for him...and gives him his milk.  He even bends over to have Cooper sign the receipt!  This guy is hilariously-bad at his job!

To make things even sillier, this is the first Scene of the Episode.  So, after months of waiting and tension, Lynch opens with this bizarre Comedy routine (after 90 seconds of Credits).  Trolling your audience back in 1990- Lynch is a trailblazer!
Oh man, this was weird and good.  In the wake of all that happened to force ABC's hand on renewing the Show, it does return to form.  The fact that you basically get a double-dose (in terms of Episode length) is just a bonus.  The last time they went extra long, it was to set-up the whole Story, Town and the Characters.  This time it is all about giving you lots and lots to talk about.  For example, we learn about why that lady has an eye-patch.  The fact that Ferrer's Character has to control his laughter during the Story is just a bonus.  The Giant is a nice update to the 'Cooper's freaky visions' collection.  It was interesting to see that the ring taken by him during the 'dream' was gone when Cooper woke up.  The whole thing is just chock full of neat little moments.  As a side-note, by not explaining what Don S. Davis' Character does at this point, all I can assume is that he is working on building the Stargate in a Base nearby.  Am I the only one?  There is not as much moving forward of the Narrative this Episode, but there are so many Character Moments that you can't complain too much.  I'll leave you with a Twin Peaks reference from a source that you probably didn't expect: Darkwing Duck...
Next week, the mystery continues anew as I desperately-avoid SPOILERS.  Will there be more death?  See you then...

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