Wednesday, April 22, 2015

TV on the TV: Daredevil (2015)- Part 1

Unlike many people, I have not 'binge-watched' this Show.  I have my reasons.

That's not to say that I haven't been watching it.  I'm just only to the halfway point, so let's look at that...
With this kind of Show, you could argue that how it starts is the most important thing.  People go into this with probably alot of bad expectations.  They think of the much-maligned Affleck Film.  They think of a Comic Book Character that they may not know much about.

With that said, the Show starts off great!
The first 2 Episodes mix the Present with the Past in a good, smart way.  I'm not overly-fond of the Lost-style Flashbacks, but they are a big thing these days.  In this case, they are used to break up the Story well.

You don't get all Origin and you also don't miss the Origin.  They cover it all well in the first 2 Episodes and only get to adding anything major until Episode 7.

Everything at this point is building.  Matt is getting better, the case with Karen Page is escalating and Kingpin finally makes waves (in Episode 4).  The latter is neat to see as he's no mustache-twirling bad guy.

He's a real (bad) guy who does what he does for reasons that make sense to him.  He's not evil- is he?
One thing the show does well is Action.  They shoot it in interesting ways and don't cheat too much.  It is rare that they rely on dark shadows and trick shots to cover things.  The most blatant is in Episode 7, but it is also completely understandable.

At this point, Daredevil is still finding his way.  That means no red Costume...yet.
As an Origin Story, this works for me.  As a brand new IP (for TV), this works for me.  As the start of Marvel's run on Netflix, this totally works for me.

Is it too dark?  I can see why some say that.  For me, all of the Violence has consequences- both physical and mental.  It doesn't shy away from how bad this can be.  They have a Character who judges Matt for what he's done.  You have a Character who does the same for Kingpin/Fisk.

This is not a glorification of violence.  If that changes in the second half, I may change my mind.  As far as the Arc appears to be going, I don't think that will be the case.

If you use Netflix and like the gritty stuff, check this out.  There is some humor too.  The first half is quite dark and brutal at times.  Still not as brutal as Armored Daredevil though...

Check this one out if you haven't yet.  It is guaranteed to go for a Second Season, so hop on while everyone else is...

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