Monday, April 20, 2015

Holiday Hoax: Marihuana- The Devil's Weed (1936)

Let's keep the Old School theme going with some blatant lies and deception.  In honor of 4/20 Day, here is Marihuana: The Devil's Weed.  This 1936 Drama tells you 'the truth' about the dangers of Marijuana.  You all already know Reefer Madness, so let's expand our taste, shall we?  This is a very silly and over-dramatic Film if viewed through a modern perspective.  For every little truth, there are a bunch of big lies or exaggerations.  It is not even close to a Documentary!  I'll keep this short for all of you that are, ahem, enjoying this 'Holiday.'  For everyone else, read on...
The Film focuses on a group of young people with everything to look forward to.  Well, except for World War II...
The Rise of Hitler isn't important now though.  What is important is that you don't use Pot!  Ever!
Look at these two.  They get kids hooked on Pot, which somehow leads to accidental death, Heroin and Crime!  Let it not be said that they don't aim big here.
This is so silly and stock that there's not much to really say.  In lieu of that, enjoy this silliness.
One thing for this Film- the idea that it has Nudity!  I guess since it was for Adults (to get scared), they decided to make it closer to what we call an Adult Film now.  Random!
Speaking of random, people can apparently just casual shoot up Heroin and people killed by the Police are the bad guys.  Makes sense.  The morals are nice and heavy-handed here- why wouldn't they be.  The End.
Damn- this old Film sure is something.  Nothing good, mind you.  It is just something  They are not always 100% wrong, but are so false that it is hard to believe even the true stuff.  People get high and decide to run off a small cliff- sure.  People go right from Marijuana to Heroin- of course!  People become Criminals since Pot makes them more confident- naturally!  This whole thing is a big scare tactic.  Given how we still treat Marijuana these days, stuff like this apparently worked.  If you watch it today, there is nothing but groans and laughs.  So don't look to this Film for actual Science or reason- just emotion.  In other words, it is Kansas.  Unlike Kansas though, people were apparently really excited about this...
This is just...just ridiculous.  Any good points it has just buried in the lies.  Classic Propaganda.

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