Sunday, March 16, 2014

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Apartment 1303 (Original)

It is time for random death- this time from Japan!

These are three young ladies that work as Maids at a Beach Bar.  Japan- gotta love it!
They get invited to a private party with some boys.  Said boys are renting out Apartment 1303 for Spring Break.
Since the wrong chromosomes are there, the ghost appears to kill.  Even though these girls didn't actually move in and the Sister that was there for a while wasn't attacked right away, it is going to...attack right away.

So yeah, they're dead.
You gotta love that effect, don't you?

It's real enough to be a little convincing, while silly enough to make me laugh a little.  Hehe.
They all fall.

The highlight of the falling is when one of them hits a branch near the ground and BOUNCES off of it.  Science!
They're all dead.  Amazingly, none of them managed to hit the Pool AND they hit on a pretty wide dispersal pattern.  Sure is some crazy wind in Japan.
So, here's the question: why are they Poor Bastards of Cinema?

Well, they didn't move in, but were killed by the ghost anyhow.  The boys that actually rented the place- they got away clean and lived.  They died just up the body count- that's all.

The lesson to take away: don't go to parties.  In case reality turns into a Horror Film, you will die.

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