Friday, March 28, 2014

Bob's Birthday Bonanza: Cuticle Detective Inaba

I definitely suffered less this year than I did last year.  In honor of my friend's Birthday, I could choose between doing a comparison on three weird, but related Animes or reviewing a show about a Werewolf Cop who chases a money-eating Goat.  I went with the latter- naturally.  The show is Cuticle Detective Inaba, a show that is defined by the word 'quirky.'  Sukeban Boy was a good lead-in for this show, as both are Japanese and made by two clearly-insane people.  The show is apparently based on a Manga (proof exists below) and quite strange.  The Episodes are somewhat in Order, but are mostly made up of two separate tales of the crew.  It is a bit trickier to review than Nyarko-San, since it is less structured and straight-forward.  Unlike that show, however, it uses its premise to the fullest.  On top of that, it really lampoons many Anime tropes.  It is certainly not for everyone, as it strikes an awkward balance between story and crazy.  I honestly kind of like it, but I'll let you be the judge (in that unofficial and unimportant way) though.  To get a glimpse of the insanity, read on...
Inaba is a Werewolf (of sorts).  He used to be a Police Dog/Human, but quit to be a Private Detective.  His power: to track people by way of a single hair.

By the way, the show alternates between normal Character Design and Chibi.  It's weird.
His main rival: Don Valentino.

He's a Goat.
He's a Goat that is a Mob Boss.
He's a Goat that is a Mob Boss that eats Money.  Any questions?
Inaba's special power is activated by his cross-dressing male assistant (don't ask).  Depending on the hair color, he has different powers.  Some examples include...

Blond Hair = Electric Powers.
Black Hair = A Negativity Aura.
The tales are all pretty damn weird.  One involves a magic scroll that allows people to travel to key points in Japanese History, while another involves the Lead Detective's chocolates and a love potion (in the form of other chocolates).

Oh and if you want context to this, you're not getting it here.
Much like Excel Saga, the Ending Credits feature a weird, musical number.  Unlike that show, I have no English Subtitles for this song.

It appears to be about Don and how much he loves to eat money.  Why not?
A side character introduced in the first few Episodes (of which 12 are on Crunchyroll) is another Detective who is obsessed with Inaba and wants them to be friends.  It is far less creepy than the young boy/demi-god from Nyarko-San or little Kusano from Sekirei.
Why the show works for me is that it slips in sort of Meta Jokes about how crazy it all is.  It grounds in a small enough of a reality for it to work.

That is my way of looking at it, at least- yours may be different.
It is also worth noting that this show is really ridiculous and full of wordplay.  Again- it worked for me.
In closing, it is a wacky show with very little structure.  Were you expecting a serious plot from a show with a Werewolf Cop who chases a money-eating Goat Mob Boss and his henchman who always wears a bag over his head?

I didn't think so.  The End.
So yeah, this is damn weird.  The show is all kinds of weird!  The Story as a whole is crazy.  There is a Story involving a vial of nerve gas buried in a box and the only key is held by a hyper little girl.  Naturally, this girl is the Detective's Daughter.  There is a point where Don Valentino is shot a dozen times in the head about, but shows no consequences.  However, they don't just ignore that it happened- he just ignores it (see below)!  So yeah, it is crazy.  If you're into the crazy stuff, you will love this.  For me, it was like a crazy, sugar rush of a show.  In small-to-medium doses, it is quite fun.  While I only watched the first 4 Episodes, I will probably check out the rest.  If nothing else, it is good for a call-back joke of sorts...
Next up, the third Chapter in a Full Moon story that I tend to review every 8 months of so.  When Josh Kirby goes to a land of Toys, cutesy crap is sure to follow.  Stay tuned...

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