Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Even After Five Years...: A Call For Help


I feel like I only just started doing this.  It is then that I look at how many films I've reviewed and realize how wrong I am.
However, there are many more Films that have eluded by curious eye.  After all of this time, I still haven't seen many film oddities/gems.

If you know a good way to find these Films, feel free to Contact me via Twitter.  Bear in mind that I live in the United States, so what may be available for you, may not be for me.  Here are some of the Films...

1. Embodiment of Evil ( Carry this, Netflix!
2. Frankenstein '90 ( I love trashy Frankenstein films!
3. Evil- In The Time of Heroes ( I know that you're broke, Greece, but please import this still.
4. Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trickbaby ( Seen it once on Cable, but OOP on DVD with Netflix.
5. The Guinea Pig Series ( These famous films have continued to elude me.
6. Santo En El Tesoro De Dracula ( I've waited more than 5 years for an English DVD!
7. KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park ( They can't block this film forever...can they?
8. Zebraman 2: Attack of Zebra City ( Yes, rub it in, Maynard.
9. House of the Wolf Man ( Why am I not allowed to see this?
10. The Masque of Red Death {1989} ( An obscure one that features Adrian Paul.  Speaking of which...
11. *The Other* The Masque of Red Death {1989} ( There's also one starring Frank Stallone.  Sure to suck, but I want to see how much!
12. The Wasp Woman {1995} ( Clips galore grace YouTube, but this Showtime remake eludes me.  I've seen others- like Bucket of Blood, Piranha and Humanoids from the Deep-, but not this one.

If you can help me out, I will be eternally-grateful.  Peace out!

UPDATE: I've since found/seen KISS, Zebraman 2, The Guinea Pig Films, Freeway 2, Embodiment of Evil and Santo En El Tesoro De Dracula (Future Review).  Good start!


  1. A slightly different cut of Kiss Meets the Phantom is available on this set:

  2. The only one of these I'd even heard of is Frankenstein '90... which I recently saw used at a Newbury Comics store in my area for like 3 bucks. I should have bought it. Then I could have mailed it to you.

  3. Also Evil - In The Time of Heroes will be on VOD in 5 days.