Monday, March 17, 2014

Holiday Re-Review: Leprechaun 4...In Space

I live for this kind of crazy shit!  I had to make a choice for this St. Patrick's Day.  I could do a new film- The Last Leprechaun- or revisit one of my favorite bat-shit insane sequels- Leprechaun 4: In Space.  Well, I watched about half an hour of the former and...I'm doing the latter.  It helps that I own the latter, by the way.  Yes, the only Leprechaun film I own is the one where he battles Space Marines, make a giant spider and kidnaps an alien Princess.  Are you surprised at all?  I didn't think so.  This is actually quite fitting for a lead-in to my Anniversary posts as I first reviewed this film back in 2009 (my first St. Patrick's Day review).  I feel old now.  For the uninitiated, let me give you an idea of what happens in the film.  The titular Leprechaun is attacked by (Space) Marines when he kidnaps a Princess and disrupts mining operations.  He doesn't take death lying down and comes back for revenge.  Plus, they did steal (and shrink) his gold.  Will he succeed?  Will he reclaim his would-be Bride?  Will this film (or any) fit into the continuity of the series?  To find out, read on...
The Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) is sitting pretty.  He's kidnapped a Princess to make her his Bride and is just generally being a nuisance for the Empire...or whoever is in charge.

Shockingly, Leprechaun 4 is light on back-story in regards to its Universe.  You should just accept that there is a Leprechaun in Space.  I know that I did.
They seemingly-kill the Leprechaun and return to their ship.  The big story is the Final Girl and the Obvious Lead Marine.  They have a familiar dynamic to anyone who has seen Space Mutiny.

Yes, they even have a scene in a tacky, futuristic Night Club together- just to really enforce the point.  Just for fun...
Their boss- aka the bad guy from Allo Allo- is a crazy Scientist who wants to keep the Princess around when he learns that her body has regenerative powers.  He's a bit weird.
The Leprechaun regenerates back on the way of climbing out  one of the Marines when he has an erection.  Classy film, huh?
He makes all sorts of mischief, including going right to the the mad Doctor.  Of course, it is hard not to get past how cheaply put together this whole film is.  Just...just look at this shot, for example.
...or this one.

I should mention that the Doctor is mostly a torso and mostly a rip-off of Dr. Strangelove.  Things only get worse, however, as his 'restore my body' chemical is messed with by the Leprechaun and...
...he turns into a giant spider-mutant.  Of course- what else could have happened?
I won't SPOIL the crazy series of events that happens too much.  It is just too wacky for words.

I will say that they turn the Leprechaun into a giant though.
 Oh and they blow him up in a really-dated effect (even for 1998).  You just kind of have to see this shit.  The End.
I love this shit!  Yes, it is bad.  Yes, it is ridiculous.  Yes, it is a Horror film somehow turned into a Science-Fiction Comedy (that is not self-aware).  I know.  For crying out loud, it is called Leprechaun 4: In Space!  If they wanted you to take it seriously, then they were possibly the dumbest people in History!  So yeah, this film is utterly ridiculous and I love it for it.  Spider Mutant!  Leprechaun pretending to be a naked lady!  Giant Leprechaun!  Did I mention the Spider Mutant already?  Right.  If you like the ridiculous and weird, check this one out.  It can't be any worse than drinking a dozen Shamrock Shakes, right?  Take us away, possible Disney Lawsuit material...
Next up, I celebrate the kind-of, sort-of Anniversary of the site.  I do so with an obscure Remake of a Classic with a heavy literary pedigree behind it.  Stay tuned...

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