Friday, July 8, 2011

A Review in Pictures: Rubber (2010)

Are you ready for the weirdest movie of 2010?  If so, you're in luck.  This film is an Independent film by Quentin Dupiex, a relatively-unknown Director from Canada.  Can a Quebecois make a film that I love?  The answer is 'yes,' although it does come with some conditions.  You see, Rubber is a really, really weird movie. It also takes a little while to get going.  When it does, however, it's a film that never quite goes the way that you think it will go.  As such, I won't SPOIL too much of it for you.  Consider this review to be more a teaser for the film than anything else.  My goal is to show you enough to build up your expectations until you go see the movie.  Hell, you can go see it now if you want.  If you're still here, read on.  If you're ready to meet the road, here is the...
Who are these mysterious people in the desert and why are they watching the action unfold?
Why is this tire operating on its own?  What is it's motivation?
Actually, I can answer that one.  He has a simple goal in mind...
Don't piss this tire off or you'll get your mind blown!
This renegade tire has no respect for life.  It even faces down with the police!
Nobody is safe- not even random people sitting at the pool!  Oh the humanity!
Who shot this man?  Why does he need seem all that bothered by it?
The police, desperate for justice, come up with a plan right out of a Tex Avery cartoon.  Seems appropriate.
Who is this man?  Why is he trying to put a stop to this whole thing?  You'll have to watch and see.  The End.
This is...not what you could have ever guessed.  The plot of this movie is a bit obtuse, but intentionally-so.  It's hard to explain without going into more detail than I would like.  Essentially, a tire gains sentience and looks for love.  He also has no problem killing whatever gets in the way of his goal.  Of course, that makes this movie sound far more like a horror film than it is.  It is part romance, part comedy, part horror and a bit sci-fi.  I mean, the idea of the tire coming to life is never really explained all that much- it just happens.  The movie has a lot more tricks up its sleeve than you might imagine.  This is more than just a one-joke/one-premise movie.  That said, the first twenty minutes is a bit slow.  Part of that is because it has to establish its bizarre and twisted narrative.  Part of it is also intentional, a joke that will probably be lost on many.  If the film was about ten minutes shorter, I would be recommending it to everyone who like bizarre films.  As it is, I have a more conditional recommendation.  If you can make it through the early part of this movie, you'll have a great time.  You won't quite be sure what you just saw, but you'll love it!  Let's just hope that the tires make it to Hollywood before those things from Birdemic 2 do!
Next up, Syfy Channel Week begins.  We start off strong with a film that mixes Alive with The Abominable Snowman.  Stay tuned...

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  1. hey, brilliant new banner! :)

    Didn't like it.
    After the trailers I expected this to be some kinda silly and entertaining exploitation flick, but when it finally turned out to be some kinda pointless artsy-fartsy arthouse-schlock, I ended up deeply disappointed.
    IMO one of this year's biggest disappointments.