Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Yeti- Curse of the Snow Demon

This one is not your usual Poor Bastard of Cinema, but it's a very fitting induction nonetheless.

In Yeti, one character gets shat upon more than any other.  First, he is chased by the Yeti and breaks his leg, forcing him to use his friend's severed arm as a stint.  Wait- what?!?
He gets chased by the Yeti out of the cave and stumbles down the hill.  Ouch.
The guy vanishes for a while, but manages to make it back to the group.  Unfortunately, they go all Dirty Harry on his ass when they mistake him for the Yeti.  Maybe he'll be okay...
...or maybe not.  That's the end for him...or is it?
No, he actually survives for this film's Epilogue.  They don't explain it, but I guess the Flare didn't pierce his brain.  Does he actually get a happy ending?
Nope.  One of the Yetis survives to kill him during the Credits.
What did this character do to warrant such torture?  The guy just wanted to play Football in Japan...dammit.

Up next, an old man just wants to live in peace with his dog.  Cue Ronald Reagan!  Stay tuned...

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