Friday, July 1, 2011

Leftovers of the Dead: Day of the Dead (2008)

Are you really necessary?  I'm sorry, but there's only one reason to remake Day of the Dead.  As Romero himself as stated, the grand scale of the film was not able to be achieved due to budgetary constraints.  So, if you're going to spend $200 million to make a film about a proper, world-wide zombie plague, I'm game.  Unfortunately, that is not the case here.  Instead, The Taurus group- who apparently won Romero's film rights in a card game- make another film.  Hopefully it will be better than Day of the Dead 2 or Creepshow 3.  Incidentally, Day of the Dead 2 was made before this movie!!!  By the way, if you hoped that the remake of the third part of Romero's original Dead trilogy would ignore the others, then you're in luck!  Steve Miner is here as well, proving that some people should stop making films in 1980!  Before I say too much, I'll tell you that this review will be relatively SPOILER-free.  Like last time, I want to showcase some differences, give you the overall plot and whatever else pisses me off here.  Put away your Mexican face-paint, because we're going to a different...
* Our lead is a very-miscast Mena Suvari, playing a Soldier who returns home to control a plague.  The reason for this is going to be silly.
* Ving Rhames is on board- not as a recurring character from 2004's Dawn of the Dead though.  He plays the most famous character from the original film...but he dies 20 minutes in and doesn't even say the famous line while being torn apart by zombies.  Why make him Colonel Rhodes then?!?
* The original film's 'Bud' is here too, only he's a Soldier who turns but doesn't attack our heroine.  Why?  Either it's because a) he's a vegetarian or b) he's in love with Mena.  Take your pick- your stupid, stupid pick.
* Right as the Third Act begins, it becomes Resident Evil.  Bright lab, zombie formula, mad scientists and all.
*  Oh yeah, a Mad TV alumni plays a super-zombie.  Please don't ask.
* Bud gets one last hurrah before the whole thing ends.  On the plus side, it ends!  The End.
You should have stayed dead!  The plot of this movie is changed a lot & it's not for a better.  Let's review, shall we?  Biological weapon gets loose and infects people, leading to an outbreak in a small, mountain town. Wait a second- you remade the wrong movie!  In case you didn't get it, this is the plot of The Crazies, a film that was actually remade in 2010.  If you guys own the rights to the film, why aren't you making it?  So much stuff here is changed and I can't think of a good reason why.  They not only have the running zombies, but they have super-zombies.  These guys run, jump and even use tools.  The silliest point, however, comes when the 'Mad TV zombie' kills a guy from a hanging vent in about ten seconds, doing all of this off-camera by the power of implied action!  It would be nice if I could say that the cast salvages this film, but I'd be lying.  Suvari is alright, but she does nothing to raise the material up.  She's never bad, but she also never does better than the material given her.  Nick Cannon, meanwhile, is Nick Cannon- 'nuff said.  There are good moments in the film, but none of it makes up for the stupid changes and questionable plot.  Take us away, pointless jump scare to close out the film...
Next up, July begins properly with the celebration of a new film.  Actually, it's a 2009 film full of C-List Actors that just came out on DVD.  Stay tuned...

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