Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stock Footage Hell: Galaxy of the Dinosaurs

There are some things that you just can't ignore.  In this conjoined segment with last week's Buy the DVD!, we see what exactly the hell Galaxy of the Dinosaurs is.  To warn you, this movie was released as part of the Bad Movie Police series...
A bunch of people have their ship crash on an empty planet.  So far, this plot feels oddly-familiar.  After a lot of filler, they come across the selling point of this movie (which was, ironically enough, never really sold)...
Yes, the dinosaurs are here and they're...also oddly-familiar.  This isn't what I think it it?
Yes, the footage from Planet of the Dinosaurs strikes again!  It wasn't that good, but I guess it has an edge on One-Million B.C. and Unknown Island...since it's in-color.  It wasn't really that good then though...
Wow, it's even more exciting to see this footage for a third time in this segment.  I should just rename this 'Planet of the Dinosaurs...Again!'  I won't, of course.
Seriously, guys- stop using this footage!  Unless you're the Rifftrax DVD, I don't want to see this footage again!

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