Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Legion of the Dead

Oh, Asylum- don't you realize that I'm the Poor Bastard here . You don't need to create more...

In Legion of the Dead, the Mummies finally rise from you graves and go after our heroine, since her sister is planned to be a sacrifice.  Getting in the way of this are a bunch of random guests at the Hotel.  Get them, Mummies!
You caught that random, brown-haired woman.  What are you going to do now?
Oh, that works.  As a bonus, make sure to replace her with a body double for the later reveal shot when the Sheriff arrives.
Good.  Your punishment of this random person whom you have no emotion towards is now complete!

Next up, a man learns the danger of being a blue-collar worker in an action film.  Here's a hint- it involves a Hologram.

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