Saturday, March 19, 2011

Buy the DVD!: The Vault

This segment is back, ladies!

The Vault is a Full Moon release, so you can usually expect some sort of Extras.  Unless, of course, you rented Totem and it's total lack of anything Extra.  Then again, it's Menu Art is a picture of the DVD box...but I digress.  What does this one offer that others Full Moon discs don't?

That's right- a spotlight on...that guy.  He directed The Vault (hurray?) and gave himself a cameo.  The real high-point is the last feature...
Yeah, it's this movie.  Never heard of it?  Well, sadly, I have.  For those wondering, they are in fact spoiling one of the Effects shots in the picture.

The point: the disc gives you a whole 'nother film to disappoint you for 90 minutes.
For more on Galaxy of the Dinosaurs, check out the next segment of Stock Footage Hell (also returning, ladies)...

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