Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Announcement: Project Terrible- Round Two is Open!

After a rough Round 1, Project Terrible returns with Round Two!  What can you expect to see at Mondo Bizarro?

Thanks to Carl over at I Like Horror Movies, I must tackle the unholy trinity of tween horror.  That's right- I'm doing...

* Twilight
* New Moon
* Eclipse

I'm still waiting for my challenges from Z for Zombies.  Can he make it worse for me?

Here's the other big News: you can take part!  For any of my readers who run their own blogs, you can send me a challenge.  Just remember: you have to take one too.  This ain't no one-way street, guys!

Want to cross-promote your website for free?  Want to expose new readers to your work?  All you have to do is watch a shitty movie of my choosing and review it.  How easy is that?

If you're interested, e-mail at the address under my profile.

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