Friday, March 25, 2011

Raiding *Blockbuster* Video *UPDATED*

It sucks to be a guy who works at a Blockbuster Video store these days.  I feel bad for them- honest- but I also take delight in what it offers me: a chance to buy out their stock of movies super-cheap!

Here's my take so far:

* District 9
* The Expendables
* Piranha (1978)
* American Psycho
* Piranha (2010)
* Sukiyaki Western Django
* Machete
* Stuck (2007)
* Hard-Boiled (forgot about it- sorry)
* Red Cliff Part 1 & 2 (couldn't announce it, since it was a birthday present...which he has now)
* Pontypool (You win, Internet!)
* Revenge of the Ninja (Hi, Carl)
* Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
* For Your Consideration
* Ghost Town (2008)

That's a pretty good haul, right?  That's all for about $85 too.

I plan on making at least one more trip to one of the *at least* three stores in my area that are closing down.  Again- I'm sorry for your bad luck...but I'm happy for mine.


  1. 70$? Dude, you're overpaying. Unless those are all blu-rays in their original packaging.

  2. Considering that half of those films are only recent DVD releases, I disagree. Those films new would have cost over $100 easily.

    Besides, my next batch will probably be about $4 each. It will even out to be super cheap probably.

  3. I passed on everything at ours, $5 is already high for what I pay on Amazon and I just wasnt motivated enough to buy Kick Ass or Frozen at that price