Thursday, April 19, 2018

TV on the Internet: Ash vs Evil Dead- 'Baby Proof'

Another week and another Episode.  Can they keep things going from last week?  Let's see...
Ash has to face down a new, cuter threat- a demon baby.  Will his newfound personal connection to it make it impossible for him to save himself though?
Will the Foreign Tourist last another Episode?  All signs point to 'no' on account of, well, history.

Will she at least go down in memorable fashion?
While possessed by evil, Pablo's soul is able to journey to the Spirit Realm.  Can family save him?
Can he save his soul?  Can Ash take down the demon baby?  Can the family reunite?

To find out, watch the Show already!
Even with all of the new stuff, they manage to keep this going nicely.  Since we're in Season 3, we've got all of the Leads established and can build upon them.  Kelly shows how badass she is, but also makes a big move that's been a long time coming.  Ash shows compassion...but is still willing to keep demon ass- even if he doesn't want to kill it this time.  Pablo gets a lot of focus here as he finally seems to step up to the place of power that he's been meant to for so long.  Ruby is, of course, still manipulative as all hell.  You get all of the stuff you expect- slapstick, Ash fighting a creature and Kelly being badass- and more.  What's not to love?  I'm still not sure where all of the build-up is going, but I haven't been disappointed by the Show yet.  If you're more anxious than I am, just hold up and see where this goes...
Next time, Ash and company must reunite to save the World.  Can they do it?  See you then...

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