Friday, April 13, 2018

Holiday TV: Friday the 13th- The Series- 'Faith Healer'

After doing so many of the Films, I figured it would be more interesting to look at the Show.  This one is special for the Director, but I won't SPOIL it just yet....
A Faith Healer is trying to show off for his congregation, but his act is revealed to be fake by this skeptic.
While running from some angry folks later, the man finds a magic glove that seemingly-heals a woman.  When he touches a cop, however...
...he learns that the glove merely transfers the illness/effect to others.  Also it gets freaky-looking when infected.
Our Heroes see the glove and go to act.  When getting to him fails, the Uncle goes to the skeptic.  The man reveals his secret- he's very ill!
Things take a big turn as the skeptic locks up our Hero and goes to the Healer.  The man refuses to properly heal him, however, out of spite.
This ends up with him being shot!  He manages to heal himself, but can't transfer the effect in time...and is shot several more times by the glove's magic.

The man takes the glove and returns to see the Uncle.  He heals himself and goes to transfer the infection....
...but is easily-fended off by the Lead and infected.

In the aftermath, our Leads don't see to realize how they were barely in this and joke about how they might 'heal' the guy from his flu.  Ha ha.  The End.
This one is odd.  A Faith Healer who can then heal for real- interesting.  The fact that the healing has a big price- interesting.  You could make an interesting moral argument about this if you really wanted to.  Does it even things out to kill one person and heal another?  Should you leave people to their fate even if you can help?  Is it your moral obligation to try and help people no matter what?  It's kind of deep for a Scary Item/Monster of the Week Show from the 1990s.  Aside from the Story, it is pretty well-acted and the effects are top notch.  This one really goes all in on the Body Horror, from the messed up faces to mutations to the bloody stuff.  In case it's not clear who Directed this one (and why I picked it) just yet, well, here's the answer...
Considering how odd the structure of this was, I still had a good time.  It was a sort of interesting Morality Play.

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