Monday, April 2, 2018

'Deep Blue Sea' Moments: The Gravedancers

While the Movie was a mixed-bag of serious and goofy, The Gravedancers has given me plenty of material.  Aside from the Review, I can milk at least three more posts out of it this Month.  Let's start with this one...

As a quick refresher, people got drunk and danced on some graves.  These were the graves of killers, who now want revenge for this slight.

One of them is an obvious homage to Lizzie Borden.  She's not friendly.
Our Heroes try to fight her off after she possesses their dead friend- Ghost Power #42- but to no avail.  They do the next best thing- run away and hide.

After running from a different ghost, they return to the room and look around for Not Lizzie.  One of them tempts fate...
...and gets an axe in the back for her trouble!
Yep, the ghost was on the ceiling.  Thanks for the heads up, Lionel Richie!
Just to note: this is also supposed to be an ironic death.  You see, the woman sabotaged a previous attempt to send the spirits back, since she wanted more concrete proof of the ghosts.

So she 'stabbed them in the back' and a ghost literally stabbed her in the back.  Get it?

Next time, who the hell knows?  I don't get these very often, so wait and see...

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