Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quick Reviews: It (2017)

I'm officially the last guy to see this, aren't I?  Well, since I'm here anyways, let's see if the biggest surprise hit of 2017 is as good as people say...
In the Cold Open, Georgie meets Pennywise and ends up getting seemingly-killed in a fashion that will inspire Parodies for Years.

I know he's a kid and all, but does he have no fight or flight response?!?
In Derry, Maine, the missing person's rate is higher than anywhere and the Town is marked by tragedies.  All things point to one place...
We follow the Losers Club (and their ancillary black friend) as Pennywise targets them with weird creatures and scares.
The group finally figures out that they are being targeted by the same person/creature.

Kudos to any Film that can make even a Slide Projector scary, as anachronistic as it is here.
Pennywise is going to get them!  He wants to eat them and their fears!
Can the group unite (just not in the way from the Book!) and save themselves?  Is It even able to be stopped?

To find out, watch the Film (assuming you still haven't).
Almost good enough to make me scared of clowns- almost.  The Story is basically the same.  They were in kind of a weird spot with this one.  On one hand, the Story is famous and everyone loves it.  On the other hand, there are enough people that are old enough to not know the Book or the original Mini-Series.  Could they please them both?  Well, they managed to do it!  The Film was a massive hit and, unlike other big Films, I'm not here to tell you how bad it is.  At most, I will tell you that I still have some issue with the general structure of the Story- going back to the Book- and how they handled the 'Mike' Character.  Basically, my issue is that Pennywise seems like he wants to kill them every time and then just stops.  I get the whole 'feeds on fear' thing- I do.  It just feels like he could realistically take one of them out, as opposed to just killing a Bully or two.  As for the 'Mike' thing, I can't say whether or not it is better in the Book, but he feels underdeveloped here.  He comes in too late, doesn't have much of an Arc and never quite feels important enough.  In other words, he's Cyborg, just minus the terrible CGI.  That said, I like how they updated the scares for the most part and I will not speak ill of Pennywise here.  He's almost *too* creepy at times, making me wonder why, again, Georgie doesn't just run away instantly.  While it's a little long (so is the Book), I did like it and really want to see if they can manage the Ending better than the Mini-Series.  Speaking of that, here's the official response to everyone who said 'Nobody wants to see another 'It' Film after the Original'...
A good, solid re-telling of King's Story that doesn't disappoint.  Let's just see if they can stick the landing next Year.

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