Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Netflix and Thrill: Jessica Jones- Season 2, Part 1

After a long delay (and some Shows that people found polarizing), my favorite Marvel Heroine in the MCU with her own Solo Project (low bar, I know) is back.  I'm only doing the first 6 Episodes here, so no big SPOILERS.

That goes for you AND for me.  Nobody SPOIL the rest of the Season for me just yet.
After the stuff with Kilgrave, Jessica is more famous than she would like.  She does what she can to only take the 'sleazy' clients- so as not to get attached.
When the case of a man who calls himself The Whizzer comes, she brushes it off.

Unfortunately, there turns out to be more truth and than fiction here and it all ties back to her own origins...
Things aren't exactly super-great for the other people in her life.  Her Sister is trying to be a legitimate source of News, while her not-friend and occasional employer has a mysterious health issue.
Who is the mysterious killer who seems to also have ties to the people that gave Jessica her powers- IGH- and what is her motivation?
Can Jessica avoid getting on the wrong side of the law when things keep going against her?

There's only one way to find out- watch the Show (so far)...
The bitch is back!  I fully-admit to not being that familiar with Krysten Ritter before this Show.  With that said, she's just plain amazing in this.  She's both acerbic and caring.  She's untouchable, but also vulnerable.  She's direct, but also full of secrets.  There's so much depth to her Character that she almost doesn't need a great Show to back her up.  Thankfully, things don't seem to be letting her down just yet.  Was she not quite as good on The Defenders?  Maybe.  For me, she always felt like she didn't quite fit in with this fight between The Hand and the group.  That worked in her favor, to be honest, as she didn't get dragged down by the iffy Plotting that made up that Series.  Here, she shines with no conditions.  She's not the only person of note here.  Her Sister has developed some nice layers, while her Partner is quite literally her partner here.  The Story is finally exploring more of her past and I'm all in.  Before the Disney deal ruins this great run of Netflix Shows, we might as well enjoy these.  Hell, this may be the last Season of this Show we got on this platform.  Just try to cope with that fact...
Based on what has happened so far, I really want to see how this ends.  No amount of hype can ruin this for me.

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