Tuesday, April 3, 2018

*Almost* Immediate Response: Isle of Dogs (2018)

I saw this on Saturday at the lovely Tampa Theatre in its limited release.  Now that I have time to actually talk about it, let's see how it was...
The Good
* Wes Anderson's style is as present as ever, even in Stop-Motion.
* A slew of talented Actors deliver great performances, from Bryan Cranston to Jeff Goldblum to Harvey Keitel.  So many great Actors!
* The Story is silly, but also full of not-so-subtle Political Subtext.
* While it is beautiful and fun, it also has heart.
* The mix of non-translated Japanese, translated Japanese

The Bad
* Some could say that this suffers from the 'White Savior' Trope.  My counterpoint- the Japanese boy is the main Hero.
* Why do some Dogs understand Japanese and others don't?  It's a weird thing, right?
* It could be argued that the Film deals heavily in caricatures (possibly stereotypes) of the Japanese.

I really liked it, so I can't nitpick that much.  It's fun, has some depth and has some real heart.  If you love quirky Films and love Animation, check it out.

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