Sunday, February 19, 2017

Quick Reviews: Underworld- Blood Wars

It was either this or do that Resident Evil Film.  Can you blame me?
Since we are no 5 Films into this Franchise, they indulge in some Explain Everything Montage fun.

On the plus side, I get to see this again.
In the wake of Humans hunting the Monsters last Film, Selena is still sans Michael (since Scott Speedman is too busy) and now her new Daughter.

Naturally, the whole Plot revolves everyone wanting said Daughter.
A new Female Character is all about scheming for power.  On the plus side, this Villain is at least empowered.
The Villain is a Werewolf with a secret.

This may only be me, but they kept showing his facial scar.  Combined with the fact that he looks like Kraven (who had his head cut in part in the same place as the scar), I was a bit confused.
Can Selene stop this new threat and save her people?

Incidentally, are the Humans no longer a threat?  I'm still wondering.
Will her victory come at too great a cost?

To find out, watch the film.
Some good, but mostly forgettable.  Underworld: Blood Wars is a pretty forgettable Film.  Case in point: I only watched it 2 days ago and I've forgotten most of the Characters' Names!  It could be that I need to start tattooing information on my skin too, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  The Story is pretty good, but makes some pretty big jumps.  Like Resident Evil, they took a nice, long break before coming back, which means alot of repetition.  If you know the Films, you just kind of roll your eyes as they explain everything all over again.  If you don't know the Films, you have alot of catching up to do!  The Series continues to bury itself in all sorts of Lore, now dropping more Characters and Settings on us that are supposed to just come organically.  Without SPOILERS, I can say that the Film has one trick: betrayal.  It comes so often and so suddenly that I half-expected Selene to betray someone near the end.  Credit where credit is due- Beckinsale and company commit here.  They don't commit to making Selene look as pale as they used to (on account of the no blood thing), but oh well!  The Film as a whole is alright, but does nothing new or all that interesting.  Even so, it does have a backbone.
Some good moments in it, but the Style over Substance continues here.  Abandoned Plots and Blue Tints all around!

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