Monday, February 6, 2017

Quick Reviews: Justice League Dark

As DC continues to disappoint me in Live-Action (as much as I want them to succeed!), they also continue to generally impress in Animation...
A series of dark and random crimes occur with the perpetrators claiming to have seen Demons!

Good news for you wanting a Hard R Cartoon with Batman that does literally and figuratively rape a Character!
This time around, they bring in Characters like Constantine, Etrigan the Demon, Zatanna and others to work the case.
Batman is your anchor here, playing the skeptic among the Magic-using Heroes.

Fun Fact: the Film establishes that David Copperfield has actual Magic.  Why not?
While they try to find the source of the hallucinations, the Villain attacks them with....the Golgotha from 'Dogma?'

Kevin Smith won't DIRECT a 'Batman' Film it seems, but they can't keep his Films out of a 'Batman' one!
Swamp Thing shows up !  It is about freaking time!!!

Look at this guy- he's been lifting, bro!
Can this rough and tumble Team come together to stop truly powerful evil and save the World?

To find out, watch the Film- officially available on the 7th of this Month.
Fun for me, but dark as hell.  People get stabbed, people get beaten and some of them even die (just slightly off-screen).  The Cold Open tells you all that you need to know.  It features a Woman killing Pedestrians, a Man that killed his Family and a Woman who jumps from the ledge due to seeing her 'demon' baby.  That's the first five minutes!  The tricky thing here is how it all works together as a Justice League Film.  Basically, a couple of the Characters- Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern (John Stewart)- show up for a bit and then leave Batman to work with the new guys.  That's not a major complaint- just don't expect alot from those Characters.  Interesting to see Jerry O'Connell graduate from Captain Marvel/Shazam to Superman.  Speaking of interesting, the new Cast of Characters definitely worked for me.  Having some general knowledge of most from earlier pre-New 52-Flashpoint-whatever Comics and Shows, I got the hang of them pretty fast.  If you don't know them, the Film sets them up well enough.  If you like DC's more recent Animation and can dig the darker tone, this one is a must-see.  If you're too young, 'Justice League Action' is pretty fun...and also did an Episode with Swamp Thing, Zatanna and Constantine recently.  Now if only someone would tell me what Aspect Ratio this was...
Good stuff, but certainly dark and violent.  If you are into this, the Film will definitely make you happy.

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