Friday, February 10, 2017

'80s Fun: Inhumanoids- The Movie

At long last, I can talk about...slightly more of this mostly-forgotten Show.  Today's Film is Inhumanoids: The Evil That Lies Within, although the history here is a bit complicated.  Basically, Inhumanoids started life as a series of Shorts that would run on a Cartoon Block with other Sunbow Shows on Saturday Mornings.  That explains why the Show would often set up quick scenarios- usually Cliffhangers- and then cut to something else.  When the ones they made did well, the idea was expanded and a Show was born!  To make things more complicated, Sunbow did its usual trick and made the first 5 Episodes into one continuous Story.  That was enough to make up a 'Movie' that could then be released on VHS and later DVD.  As far as the latter goes, however, there is a catch.  As noted in my original Review of the Show, Rhino bought the rights to the Show and released these 5 together as a Set and then the next 4 Episodes as Part 2 (as covered back in 2014).  With only 4 left to go (as the Show only lasted for 1 Season), they...didn't bother releasing any more.  What in the what, Rhino?!?  So while I wait for those 4 Episodes to appear (hint, hint!), I'll make due with the Film.  Basically, evil Monsters once buried inside of the Earth are now free and shit is going down.  Can our Heroes save the day?  Can the Inhumanoids be stopped?  Can this freaky Cartoon have really been meant for kids?  To find out, read on...
Two creatures- D'Compose and Tendril- are freed after Decades of captivity and run rampant on the Earth!
Enter Earth Corps, a slightly-less-silly-than-the-Centurions group of Scientists and Adventurers.
They put on their silly-looking suits and go into action!  The Creatures flee, but only to go after their other ally...
One of the group is greeted by some freaky Tree Monsters that exposition dump all over him.

Basically, they held the trio of Inhumanoids- including their Leader called Metlar- captive for so long, but now the Earth is in danger.
The other threat- an evil Businessman with an eye patch.

Thankfully, he betrays his Sister, who subsequently joins the Team and funds them on their mission.
Unfortunately, she falls prey to D'Compose's power to turn people into giant mutants with a single touch.  In hindsight, maybe wear that Helmet!

Credit where credit is due- they don't SPOIL this reveal in the opening Credits or that D'Compose can do this.
Metlar is freed in the chaos and the Inhumanoids attack a Russian Military Base with their mutants made by D'Compose and animated statues created by Metlar.  No, really.

Is it also worth asking who made these giant statues or the hundreds of ones they stole from Gettysburg?
It all leads to a big battle in the center of the Earth as our Heroes must survive and stop some missiles from firing that will cool the Earth's core.
In a bit of an anti-climax, the Missiles are stopped and all of the Villains are taken out with ease.  They do set up a piece of Tendril being loose for Episode 6 though.  The End.
Inhumanly-silly.  The whole thing is all sorts of ridiculous.  Think about it for a second: sentient Trees and Rocks locked up three Monsters inside of the Earth.  Four Scientists with Metal Super Suits have to go and fight them in order to save the World.  It all ties together, right?  Naturally, I love this!  I love ridiculous stuff, so I was sold.  Metlar reanimating Civil War Soldiers.  D'Compose turning people into giant Mutants.  Nuclear Missiles being shot at the Earth's Core.  The main Villain being controlled by a giant magnet!  Inhumanoids is just a bizarre treat for those of us that love 1980s stuff.  It is surprisingly-freaky for a Kid's Show/Movie, especially the part with the transformation.  Seeing that lady turned into a giant, horned Monster sure must have been scarring!  As a Film, it is a bit choppily-put together.  After all, it wasn't actually made as a Film.  Having said that, this thing is pretty rare, but a nice treat for crazy people like us.  Dig the Cinematic Panels!
Next up, a Film far more notable for the sad occurrences after it was filmed.  Is the Film itself good though?  Stay tuned...

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