Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Justice League Dark (Part 2)

It is one thing to be killed, but another thing to be killed by feces!

In Justice League Dark, an information gathering attempt in a Hospital is interrupted by a new monster- a stinky one.
Yes, a bunch of living shit is summoned and starts to attack the Staff.
To make things worse, it is apparently super-heated.  Don't believe me?

See that guy above- he's a skeleton now!
To be fair to our heroes, Deadman does try to save people.

However, he's inhabiting this guy when he finds a door locked (for some reason).
As the guy starts to presumably-melt, Deadman...ditches him.

Have fun being melted in shit, Random Guard #2.
While Deadman did try to help, he still bailed on these random guys when the going gets tough.

The lesson: don't expect a Ghost to help you when shit is going down (or flying at you).

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