Friday, February 3, 2017

Quick Reviews: 10 Cloverfield Lane

Alright, let's see if I love or hate this.  That's the only thing people seem to do so, let's dive right in...
As a Woman flees a bad relationship (with disembodied Bradley Cooper!), she is hit by a car and wakes up in a locked Room.
She meets a man who says that he saved her and that the outside World has been destroyed by some sort of Virus.

As long as it isn't the Film called Virus.  That would be horrifying!
She strikes up a friendship with the only other person in the Vault.  Will sparks fly?
Not if their overseer has anything to say about it.  He's super-controlling and a little crazy.
Can they get along until this all blows over (assuming anything is actually wrong)?
Or will the outside World keep knocking until it finds its way in?  No SPOILERS.  The End.'s alright.  10 Cloverfield Lane is a decent Thriller that has plenty of mystery.  It only really falls apart when they actually tell you what happened.  I won't get into that here though, so keep reading.  The times when they are just vague can be kind of interesting.  John Goodman is a bit one-note here, but he certainly has presence.  The other 2 Characters are also interesting in their own right, but don't quite work as well as Goodman.  He's hard to top.  The problem is that they don't do enough with what what they set up and the whole Film's pay-off is lackluster.  You can do good by implying stuff, but you ultimately have to deliver.  While he didn't actually Write or Direct this, Abrams' infamous view of 'Mysteries being interesting just by being Mysteries' is ever-present here.  Why couldn't this just genuinely be its own Film (originally called The Cellar)?  On the plus side, the journey from Spec Script to Film worked better than it did with After Earth (look it up)!  Like a good Book with a bad Ending (e.c. The Jungle), this one works okay...until the end.  Instead of focusing on the negative though, how about I stop to remind you that Internet Icon T.J. Miller was in the original Cloverfield?
Kind of an interesting Film at times...but really not much to talk about.  Oh and that Ending...I'll get to it.

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