Saturday, February 11, 2017

Old School TV: One Step Beyond- The Sorcerer

After a very depressing last Episode, will this one be happier?

Who cares- it has a big Star!  Let us take...
A Military Man is called before a Tribunal.  What was his crime?
Christopher Lee!!!!

Oh right- the Plot.  He pleads his guilt as the Tribunal questions the claim.
As he awaits their decision, he has a pre-Dustin Lance Black Flashback to what he did...

His job is to put up Phone Lines for the German Army during WWI.  He has to deal with a strange Farmer when they use his land.
Later that night, Lee gets drunk and goes back to the Farmer.  The tales of him being 'a Sorcerer' made him curious and he ask for a demonstration.
In response, he makes Lee appear 800 km away and see that his lover is with another man while he is away!
He doesn't take it well.
In the present, the Tribunal pushes no charges against him, as he 'couldn't possibly' have done the crime.  They berate him for his seeming-insanity, however, but life goes on.
No relation to William Friedkin.  This one is kind of interesting and mostly works.  To be fair, I'm a little biased towards anything with Lee in it.  Is that wrong?  I think not!  The Story is pretty simple, but somewhat elegant in that way.  You can tell early on that something is bothering Lee's Character and that he just needed a push.  Unfortunately, said push leads to murder.  As I have noted before, these Episodes are not remotely in any order, so similarities are purely coincidental.  Having said that, I did go right from 'Voice haunts people for hidden murder' right to 'man haunted by unprovable murder' by skipping one Episode.  Lee is great here, but is that news.  Everyone really pulls their weight too, from the strange Farmer to the serious Officer.  My only source of confusion: why no lead-in from the Narrator?  He just pops up at the end, so...odd.
Next time, another Tale that promises to be depressing.  At this rate, it must be a Comedy then!  See you then...

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