Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Justice League Dark (Part 1)

Since this is new, I'll not be SPOILER-heavy.  I'm not a dick, after all.

In Dark, mysterious events keep happening that involve people doing violent crimes way outside of their nature.  The Film opens with one...

A Woman is hit while stopped at a Red Light.  She gets out to talk to the man who hit her, only to see...
Demons!  They sure ain't pretty.
She flees them in her car, trying to take out the ones that appear in front of her too.
However, she's actually hitting people!  Even worse, it isn't rush hour, so she has no excuse.
 When stopped by Wonder Woman (giving Rosario Dawson 2 of her 3 lines in this), she comes out of the trance/whatever and sees what she did.

Time to hire Jessica Jones!

This one had quite a few people- especially for an Animated Film!  Not for kids, this one is.

The lesson: don't loiter on the sidewalks at night.  Clearly!

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