Saturday, February 4, 2017

Lost TV: Stephen King's Hidden Years- The Conclusion!

Due to some odd Episode spacing and unsureness on my part, I decided to just watch the last 55 minutes here and finish the Series.  It also makes sense to do it before I move to the new Website.

Here's hoping for something good in this extra long wrap-up...
Two of our Heroes make it to the blind Daughter's House.  Why they separated them when they arrive 5 minutes apart (in screen time, that is) is anyone's guess.
Meanwhile, Dr. Pichunter is resuming his work some more and won't take 'no' for an answer.

Actually, he does...and just slaps a lab coat on a Cleaning Guy.
Speaking of Blind Daughter, she is Satan!  Call a Priest!!!!
 We get the most Action in the whole Series when a gun fight breaks out.  In the process, the evil guy shoots a Seeing-Eye Dog!
They hide out with some Hippies that know Blind Satan Daughter, but one of them sells the group out.  On the plus side, Ed Lauter dressed like a Grateful Dead Fan.
Dr.Tropicthunder's experiment seems to work as a clock runs backwards.  That or it is just messing with the magnet.

I can't wait to see this get resolved...never.
A shoot-out occurs that leads to the death of Root, the bad Hippie and a few others.  One of them comes as evil guy shoots a car a few times to make it explode!  That's what you get for still driving that Pinto.
The 4 important people escape...only to be immediately found.  The wife is shot, but Harlan uses his powers for only the second time  See you never again.
After killing the bad guy, Lauter and the Agent wander off into the Sunset, having broken numerous laws, lost their rank and killed a guy.  The (happy?) End- since the Show was not picked up for a full Series.
A good conclusion...until the actual conclusion.  Putting aside the 'Oh, we're not getting more Episodes after all' bit from the end, the Show does wrap up pretty well.  Characters grow, characters move and characters die.  Everyone somehow finds their way to the same location by the end too.  Obviously the Dr. HunterXHunter stuff just kind of stopped, but oh well.  The only real complaint is that they kind of dawdled a bit early on, leaving them a bit rushed for some things.  By the Series' end, Harlan looks be in his early-40s.  How far could they have gone?  How far would they have gone?  This is kind of an awkward one because it gives you lots of interesting ideas and never quite does enough with them.  It is not *too* hard to see why it is still fairly-obscure.  I own it on DVD now, so at least I can enjoy it.  As I wrap up my look at this Show, I just ask one important, burning question: why did Felicity Huffman need to be in her underwear for this Scene?
Next up, well...nothing.  The Show is over.

Go home.

Just keep reading the Site though.  Thanks.

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