Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Screener Flix: Doomed!- The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four

Someone gave me a link to watch this Film.  I said 'Why not?'  I watched here's what it is about...
Doomed! is the Story behind the 1994 Fantastic Four Film that everyone knows...even though it was never released.
 They talk to everyone involved in the Film, save for Stan Lee.  It is odd that they found the one subject that Lee *won't* talk about on-camera.  Oh well- here's Corman.
The people are very honest about how they knew that they weren't making a Blockbuster- they were just making their Film.  They're proud of it.  Shouldn't they be?
While not all of the answers are available (as some of the money men are a bit shy), you still learn so many neat things about the Film.

For example, they Cast so quickly that they hired an Actor to play The Thing before casting someone else as 'Ben Grimm!'
In the End, this is an honest look at a Film that is only known by an odd reputation and Bootlegs.  You need to know the whole Story and you can soon.

Fun, informative stuff.  You could argue that just as many people 'know' the 1994 Film, even though most of them haven't actually seen it.  They 'know' the Story and how bad it is.  Do they really know it though?  We've only ever seen a VHS Rip copy of dubious quality and assumed alot about what went into making the Film.  Want to know actually know more?  Want to know whether or not you should give the Film a fair shake or not?  Want to know just how cheap Roger Corman could be?  To answer those questions, you have to watch Doomed!  All of the people you want to hear from are there, save for a couple.  They are open, honest and fun to listen to.  Is a Fantastic Four Film made for less than $2 million in less than 6 months going to be great?  Probably not.  Either way, this Film tells you more than you could have ever thought to ask.  If nothing else, it helps explain the inside joke from that last, disappointing Season of Arrested Development...
A good, solid Documentary about an interesting subject.  What more can you ask for?

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