Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Netflix and Thrill: Stranger Things (Part 1)

Before I start talking about this Show, let me get this right...
I've waited long enough to start watching/discussing the biggest thing on Netflix that isn't Women in Prison.  It is Stranger Things, a curious love letter to 1980s Cinema that has lit up Social Media.  Since some people (like myself) are still late to this whole thing, I will avoid as many SPOILERS as possible.

Considering this 2 things: a basic Teaser for those who don't know what the Show is & proof that I'm cool...
4 Kids in a small Town are living their wacky lives, despite being 'different' and 'unpopular.'
On the outskirts of Town, a mysterious Government Lab is doing some shady work led by Matthew 'We Clearly Wanted Christopher Walken' Modine.
One night, two things escape from the Lab- Eleven and a creature of unknown origin.

When young Will goes missing, his friends search for him, while his Mom finds solace in...the lights?
With the help of Eleven/Elle, the boys try to find their friend.  Will her mysterious past help them?

As far as Mom goes, she sure isn't giving up.  Heaven help anyone who tries to stop her from doing everything she can to find Will.

I'll see you in Part 2!
Good stuff.  Were you expecting me to diss this Show?  Considering how much I love 1980s Films, I'm clearly the target audience.  This one did not let me down.  The Acting is good, the Writing is good and the whole thing is just chock full of Atmosphere.  As everyone and their Mother has noted, the Child Actors here really deliver in a big way.  They just feel real and natural- good stuff.  The Adult Actors are certainly good too.  Winona Ryder shows us how good she can really be when she's given a good Script.  Whatever you do though, don't make that 2nd Beetlejuice Film- thanks.  The big thing the Show does well is giving you mystery.  I have gone into this Show as blind as humanly-possible, so the whole thing is unfolding for me.  Another thing they do well is actually giving you a payoff when it matters.  Every reveal so far has been good, so I just hope that they can keep it up.  I'll leave you with a shot of the Show's true Hero- Barb.
Considering all the hype the Show has gotten, it had alot to live up to.  It delivers, keeping me hooked for the second half of this Show.

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