Monday, September 5, 2016

Holiday Fun: Adventures of Power

Surprising fun for the working man.  In honor of Labor Day, here's a Film about Air Drumming!  Today's Film is Adventures of Power, a 2008 Comedy about said subject.  This is a weird one, but it kind of grows on you.  Well, if you're me.  If you're me, by the way, make me stop watching Asylum Films- I need the help!  The Film is about a guy who has one love in life: Air Drumming.  He wasn't able to have a drum growing up, so he found his love of Music some other way.  The reason why I'm featuring this today, however, is the overarching B-Plot involving Workers facing off with a corrupt Mine Operator.  Given that Rand Paul got elected supporting Big Coal and deregulation in the wake of a Coal Mine Disaster caused by lack of regulation, it clearly still is a problem.  This Film walks an awkward line between Comedy and Drama here.  The big thing is that it is so self-serious in the face of how bizarre it is.  Does it work?  To find out, read on...
In a small Desert Town, the workers at a Copper Mine (led by Michael McKean) are planning to strike.
The man's Son- Power- has a passion of Air Drumming, which has led to a bit of a tiff between them.
The strike happens mere minutes after Power is fired, making things more awkward.  Whoops!
He learns that there is an Air Drumming Competition across the Border and he goes, impressing a Trainer.
He's now in Jersey being trained by 'The Black Cop from "The Blues Brothers"' to Air Drum.
While there, he also finds a love interest: a Deaf Woman who wants to 'feel the music' like he does.
Back home, the Mine Owner takes dramatic action, but Power's influence leads them to unite.
Unfortunately, they are immediately brutalized, putting a temporary stop to things.  What will happen next?
Power has to win an Air Drumming Contest against his rival, who naturally has a parallel Backstory to his own (Adrian Grenier).

His motivational win leads the Strikers to act again and all ends well.  The End.
Wow.  For everything I expected, this one actually delivered pretty well.  I know- I'm surprised too!  The Story was actually kind of engaging and I started to actually care about Power.  Yes, it is both about a guy dreaming to be an Air Drummer and some Strikers at a Copper Mine.  It is a weird balance.  That said, it is actually pretty sincere.  The use of Music and Montages helps the Film work, aided also by good Acting.  Jane Lynch and Michael McKean are always reliable, Ari Gold as Power is good and even Adrian Grenier doesn't suck.  Yes, the guy from Entourage was alright!  There are some moments that are pretty expected and stock here- granted.  The parallel structure between Gold and Grenier's Characters is not at all subtle, for one.  I can't complain too much, however, as they do enough different here.  How many Films have an Air Drummer get a Deaf Girlfriend to help his Copper Mine Worker Dad?  The Film is just endearing- what can I say?  It really grew on me as it went on and I kind of got invested.  Adventures of Power is a weird little Film that you may not love, but I did.  The only thing I'm not sure on: Nick Kroll playing Hispanic...
Surprisingly-good stuff!  I wasn't expecting much here, but I was drawn pretty well into this Story.

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