Friday, September 23, 2016

Quick Reviews: The Asylum's Hercules Reborn

After Disney and MGM had their shot, it is only fair that The Asylum does too...
In a Cold Open, a mad Hercules kills his family (mostly off-screen).

Well, at least I know which Hercules Film they're copying.  The fact that another Wrestler is here as the Lead too...
This evil General guy wants to be more militaristic, while the King wants peace.

It is yet again that mention the odd Filmography of Dylan Vox.  Asylum Films, Softcore Gay Porn and Family Films.  More power to him...but still odd.  Although Showgirls 2...
He decides to rebel, overthrowing the City with all 20 of his men (and the other 100 that are CG).
He has a thing for the Princess, who is already with our non-God Hero.  Casual Rape- more Films need that!
The Heroes in hiding find someone to help them: Hercules.  Don't worry- he's still super-strong and fit after 10 years of not fighting and binge drinking.
Can our Heroes (who dress more Roman than Greek) save the day?  To find out, watch the Film.
Needed more Space Bear.  In all seriousness, this one is almost too morose and serious.  The Film features death, torture, the murder of a child (or two), implied rape and captivity.  Yeah, I'm sure Vox would totally do that to her!  I'm not against a Film being dark, but they may have overdone it a little.  I say that for a number of reasons, but mostly because the Film's budgetary limitations make it kind of funny at times.  Greece- known for its Deserts!  Thrill at some of the group Scenes where a couple Soldiers have different Helmets for no reason (other than a shortage of Helmets).  Enjoy John Hennigan (aka Johnny Nitro/John Morrison/Johnny Mundo) doing his 'I'm angry' voice in an attempt to be taken seriously.  That's always been a problem for him, as shown by the fact that The Miz did most of the talking when they were together.  Bless him for trying...but no.  The Film does a decent job at having people do the fighting most of the time, but Hennigan works in random spins.  Thanks for that.  The Story is pretty basic, the Budget is pretty small and the Acting is...mostly not great.  Hercules Reborn is a so-so Film that doesn't really do much other than try to shock you.  On the plus side, this is the first Film where Hercules does a Standing Shoot Star Press...
An odd mix of self-serious, dark and kind of silly.  The latter is not intentional, but totally there!

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